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Woody Ferrell

Open Source project(s) I'm involved with or passionate about: 
MYSQL Backup, Database Backup, EMC Hourly Backup, New York Linux Sales and Marketing Group, Video and Music, and Musicians+Linux=LesConfusion

Woody Ferrell founded Global Colo Quote in 2009 and he brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in the high-tech industry. Prior to launching Global Colo Quote, Woody was the NYC Regional Sales Manager for PEER-1, a Vancouver, BC-based IT infrastructure company. At PEER-1, he was the lead contributor to the highly successful New York City Datacenter as well as a core member of the start-up team that launched the Los Angeles Datacenter. Woody also advised and assisted PEER-1 with their CDN initiatives and was instrumental in launching PEER-1's North American and European CDN Service.

Woody has gained respect in the Sales and Technology community and has assisted companies like Forbes.com, New York University, Vignette, Fog Creek Software, SquareSpace, and Shutterstock. His experience includes a “non-traditional” approach to sales that includes offering an honest opinion of a solution that puts the client’s interest first and provides the client with the best diagnosis that fits the requirement. This approach has lead to long-lasting friendships with clients. He recently launched New York Ethernet, a web-based information site that focuses on the benefits of using Metro Ethernet in the office and datacenter. Woody resides in New York City and in his spare time can be found fishing for Spanish Mackeral and Grey Trout in Kure Beach, NC.


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