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Simon West

Network Engineer
Open Source project(s) I'm involved with or passionate about: 
Still looking for a simple FOSS Radio Station automation / presenter application. Email me if you think you know of one!

I have been a Linux fan since 1994, and working in computing since Bill Gates was a boy (my first computer experience was in 1977).

I now use Ubuntu and Centos almost exclusively, and I am just starting to hack on a few Open Source projects (more when I have achieved something!)

I can do simple programming (up to 10k line systems) in what purists would call scripting languages including Perl, VBScript (some time ago now) JavaScript and especially Bash shell scripting)

I grok IP networking (not including V6 which is still smoke and mirrors to me) and I seem to be quite good at just hacking my way through systems to make them work.

I also love DIY and hope one day to build my own house.