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What you need to do for hard drive data recovery?

Nowadays, no matter you are a man or woman, young or old, you can't live without computer. We work with computer, study with computer, enjoy our life by using computer! And it is known that all our data on a computer is stored on the hard drive. But at some points, data loss accident may occur unexpectedly. You may delete files with "shift + delete". more>>

How to do Windows 7 Password Recovery

I forgot my Windows 7 administrator login password! Is there any way I can recover the password? I have a lot of stuff on my laptop, so I don't want to factory reset it. Are there any ideas on Windows 7 password recovery? Thanks! more>>

[How To] Decrypt 3D Blu-ray to 2D Video for Playback on Desktop Players

Is it possible to decrypt 3D Blu-ray to general 2D video and play it on standard video players, such as Windows Media Player, VLC, KMPlayer, MPlayer, DAPlayer, etc.? The answer is Yes as you have an ideal Blu-ray decrypter, like WinX Blu-ray Decrypter. more>>

Guide: How to Backup Blu-ray to Computer by Removing All Blu-ray Protections

If you ever tried to backup Blu-ray to your computer, you will be familiar with the Blu-ray protections and encryption such as AACS, BD+, BD-live, UOPs, region codes, etc. It’s really headache to cope with them. more>>

Dealing with Spaces in Filenames

Just grabbed a copy of the magazine from the bookstore but it was still the February edition. I am responding to callout at the end of the "Working the Shell" article on "Dealing with Spaces in Filenames" by Dave Taylor. This is my first time on the forum and I couldn't find an existing thread on this so I'm starting this one. Sorry if this is the wrong place to do this. more>>

Desktop notification of RAID status failure

Despite there are some attempts (raid-notify, raidmonitor) to provide a GUI-enabled mechanism that warns users about software-RAID failures, I think there is an alternative for some of us that want a simpler solution, just because it's simple or because our distribution of c more>>

How to convert HD video for iPod, iPad,iPhone,blackberry,Nokia ect

With the development of technology, several of media portable players emerged and have enriched our daily life greatly. We enjoy our favorite movies and music with all kinds of portable players such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, Zune, Blackberry, Nokia, PSP and so on. At the same time, more and more video sharing sites have gone Hi-Def. YouTube launched its user-generated HD channel in last December. more>>

How to Embed YouTube Video to PowerPoint

Now YouTube get increasingly popular on the internet. Many people want to download their favorite YouTube videos and insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint for presentation. However, how to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentation effectively? Some people may have difficulty in inserting FLV video to PowerPoint. more>>

Best free Gift for Thanksgiving Day-Aneesoft iPhone video converter

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether you're hard at work in the office or simply relaxing at home, please lay everything aside and have a think which gift you will give your family, your friend even your iPhone or iPad. OK, here I will list some nice thanksgiving gift for you.

Gift1: Best free Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers

Gift2: Top 10 best free Thanksgiving iPad apps more>>

Create Logical volume

First we need to find out which disks and partitions are being used. So we could use the following commands #df -h [This will display which partitions are being used] #fdisk -l [This will show which disks are being used and disks that are not mounted.] Now we can start the lvm implementation,we have two unused partitions /dev/sda3 and /dev/sda4 more>>

Protocol Https

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How to convert video and edit movie to iPod touch for MAC

The 4th-Gen iPod touch arrives on Sep.1 with many new features that bring it even closer to the iPhone 4. For starters, there are front and rear cameras that let you make FaceTime video calls over a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, there's a sweet high-resolution 3.5-inch Retina display that nearly matches the screen on the iPhone 4. more>>


HAProxy is a Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer....i am busy with the installation of HAProxy but i got stuck with the configurations,i tried thm and they never work can somebody help me with the configuration of HAProxy.....thanks in advance

power saving for smarter planet

Hi All,

I usually lock my screen when I leave my cubicle for a tea-break etc. With all the awareness for saving Energy etc. etc. I have disabled screen-savers on my system. Still when I lock my screen I noticed that the LCD doesn't turn off completely. Then I wanted to save even that little bit of light emitted i.e. wanted to switch off the LCD.

This command helps us do that : more>>

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