Automatically email .mobi file to my Kindle address each month

I would like to have new editions of LJ automatically delivered to my Kindle when they become available.

Amazon associates an email address with my Kindle,, that will deliver documents to my device. There is some setup on my end in that I need to instruct Amazon allow your email address to send me content. more>>

LJ on Google Play Magazine

Any chance of getting LJ on Google Play Magazine? Its my newest fav media consuming app. Maximum PC has been an extremely enjoyable experience and I would love to get my Linux fix on the same platform.

Would like to see improvements to Accessing Digital Mag

I was Jonesing for a new mag and was wondering if the latest issue was out. - Sugg: Perhaps I could be emailed a link when it does

So I went to the Download site, and couldn't remember if September was issue 209 or not. So I clicked download and was prompted to save the file name I could see that I already had it. Then Canceled. more>>

I want LJ in EPUB format

I really, really want to read LJ in EPUB format. It's the increasingly popular standard for digital publications.

A few months ago, I changed my subscription to the digital format because I want to read everything on my Sony Reader PRS650.

But my Reader (like most portable devices) renders PDFs horribly. Even on a PC PDFs are cumbersome. more>>

Possible to get in an article?


I am the webmaster/owner/editor/whatever of and i got visiting today just wandering if someone wouldn't mind giving the site a shout out.

Been around for a while now and keeps up to date with releases.

Home and Business Finance Software... for linux

How about an article that explores what is available as far as financial software for us Linux users?

Windows has... Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money, etc...

What does the Linux community offer to compete with these products? more>>

What is the "Step-on-it" factor?

Item 17 in the LJ Index of the July 2009 issue quotes an average "Step-on-it" factor.

Maybe I should be put out to pasture but I've never heard of a "Step-on-it" factor.

See the UID.

Where is located a file UID and GID numbers?

L.J. RSS feed problems.

I'm using Firefox 3 to access the RSS feed via BlogLines on Ubuntu 8.04. Unfortunately your content extends right past the screen instead of properly wrapping. To get around this I have to use the horizontal scroll bar with the mouse to read the end of each line. Any possibility you could fix this? (My 60 or so other feeds do not have this problem.)


Hello All! I am a new member here. I am writing a project on POS(point of sale terminal) I need to know about: Types of POS Application that can be run on them configuration installation

Thank you so much

Linux Journal Archives

First post here.

I am a subscriber, and I also purchased the 1994-2006 Archive.

Would it be possible/make sense to offer loyal subscribers a means to merely purchase an update, instead of the entire Archive again ? In my case, I would be interested in the 2007 set of articles only, obviously.

Thanks in advance .

User Friendly, issue june 2008, firefox memleak rip...

Anyone know of an URL to the "User Friendly" comic in the current issue on bottom of page 13.

That's a gas! I really wanna show my co-workers.


problem with customizing Linux Live CDs script commands

When I execute bash script line 05, I get the following error

fortenbm@fortenbm-Linux-desktop:~$ sudo mount -t squashfs -o loop ./isomount/casper/filesystem.squashfs ./isonew/squashfs/ [sudo] password for fortenbm: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error more>>

Web site design - awful

I've really tried to get used to the new Linux J. web design, but I just can't do it. It's way too busy, things are hard to find, too many columns, there is too much wasted space at the top (i.e., big banner stuff with very little information), etc. Sorry. I have to remove the bookmark. The LJ site is just too hard to use and not much fun anymore. more>>

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