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Digital Edition Happy User

Hello. I'm a LJ subscriber from a lot of years and I wasn't surprised by the migration to the Digital Edition. I know that a lot of people (as my colleagues) like the paper, but I'm used to read manuals in electronic format from more than 15 years and I don't try to expose the pros of the digital newspaper (first at all saving trees, for example, or the search of a particolar word). more>>

Almost 10 months have passed - STILL NO REFUND!

I unfortunately decided to subscribe to the paper edition of Linux Journal not even two months before you decided to go digital only, my first issue was supposed to be the September one and that was the first issue offered only in pdf. Hooray. more>>

Unhappy reader - impossible to receive a confirmation of cancellation or a refund

Our organisation decided to cancel our subscription to LJ among other publication as a cost-cutting measure. We sent in a cancellation request in January thinking it was a clear-cut case, we had paid for a year's subscription in advance and were expecting at least a partial refund. But to date we have not received a confirmation that our cancellation has been received nor a refund been received. more>>

No Downloads (local copies): Tech Issue or Legal (IP) Issue?

I'm a new subscriber now accessing LJ via the Texterity app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+ running android 3.2 (it looks very good... I'm happy.. I don't miss the paper). I'm surprised and unhappy over the realization that downloaded issues aren't preserved, and appear to be deleted once the present session ends. more>>

Digital Edition - really getting there!

Hello there

It's now, what, almost a year since the digital switch? Maybe not that long but long enough that I now feel able to comment.

Like many lovers of the paper edition, I was taken aback by the speed of the switch but, being an international subscriber, the cost reduction made it worth giving the new format a fair try. more>>

Digital edition in the stone ages

I wondered why I hadn't received an LJ issue in what seemed like months. So I managed to get logged into the subscription status page(s) and found that I had indeed paid to renew my subscription. Upon further reading I discovered that LJ stopped printing and has gone digital only. Sigh.

So first thing I do is go to look at the current digital edition. IMHO it sux. more>>

Offline Reading Linux Journal on iPAD

Can you download the entire magazine issue first then read later offline? Can't seem to figure that out with the iPAD app?


After a month going by and no new mag in the mail, I decided to track the problem down. Here I am, dumb founded that linux journal decided to go digital.

Needless to say, I am unhappy. I use the computer everyday for my job and the last thing I want to do is stare at the screen more when I come home to relax and catch up on Linux. more>>

How does the Android App know I'm a Subscriber?


I installed the Android app and I was able to see and read both September and October issues. Now, how does the app know I'm a paying subscriber? I did not setup the app in any way.

Happy Reader Unsubscribes

I only subscribe to 2 magazines and for 7 years LJ has been one of them. It's a fantastic magazine. Because of the move to digital only, as many others have done, this otherwise happy reader has canceled his subscription. There is a surplus of quality Linux and OSS information and the hardcopy format helped to distinguish LJ. more>>

Seriously disappointed with the PDF

Just got around to downloading the PDF copy and I have to say that's it's immensely disappointing. Previous issues were around about 84 pages. The October issue is now 115 pages and although the PDF file has been authored for the same size page as previous issues (8.13" x 10.88"), it's now in huge print with very little content on each page. more>>

October 2011 Issue


I just downloaded the October 2011 and started reading it. Got to the bottom of the left column on page 8 and had to scroll back to the top of the page to continue reading. Reading page 9 was worse by about a quarter page.

If you are going to use a printed page format for the digital edition, you will have lost another subscriber because there is way to much scrolling. more>>

So Disappointing

I'm going to take a wild guess here that Linux Journal's subscription has plummeted since they went "All Digital". I really enjoyed the magazine but part of that enjoyment came for the same reason that I still buy paper books. I like digital but I'm not likely to pay for it if I don't have the choice. more>>

LJ Android App feedback thread

( I thought I start a thread we could all place the LJ Android Client feedback in)

I think the LJ Android App is pretty reasonable for a first release. Here's a few observations: more>>

Why is the LJ site still not doing HTTPS connections for auth now that it's Digital only? (Does Android too)

Question: Why is the LJ site still not doing HTTPS connections (even if just for login/authentication)? And now that it's an all Digital publication it should be mandatory, don't you think?

I enjoy LJ or wouldn't be a long time subscriber/supporter. Please respect your readers and supporters by protecting their activities with LJ. more>>

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