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Mixed feeling regarding all digital

1. MOST important is the ongoing success of your publication... whatever it takes.

2. My wife is elated that the stack of magazines and journals on the floor will grow at a slightly slower rate.

3. Not so bad since most of the time I read your publication on my android pad anyway.

4. I will miss the look, feel and smell of fresh ink once a month. more>>

End of an Era

In my opinion the move from hard copy magazines to digital format marks the end of Linux Journal as we know it, and not in a good way.

I have been buying Linux Journal for about five years and have had a subscription for about 1.5 years.

Even though I buy other Linux magazines Linux Journal is the only one that I buy on a regular basis (I never miss an issue). more>>

Expecting a refund

I expect a refund on my undelivered paper magazines. I have zero interest in reading Linux Journal as a PDF on any device (the only devices I have are my phone and my monitor).

I did not subscribe to a digital version and I have no interest in converting my paper subscription to a digital subscription. Please tell me who I need to contact in order to get a refund.

PDF or Enhansed Digital Edition

When you start the Enhanced Digital Edition will we only be able to get one or the other. I prefer .PDF but at times the Enhanced Digital Edition would be a nice change.

About time you went digital

I for one applaud your decision to go digital. Where is it written that we must have books and magazines on paper? Time for a change, and I believe this is a change for the better -- less wasteful, easy to search, active links to resources, bookmarks, etc. And as our digital technology advances, it's only going to get better yet. more>>

Very Disappointing news

I am very dissapointed at hearing LJ is going all digital. I paid for a printed magazine not digital!! I hope you reconsider going all digital,cause if you do I will not renew my subscription. more>>

Really Disappointed -- I subscribed to a papter magazine. I'll be asking for a refund

I subscribed to a paper magazine because that is what I wanted. I can get tons of on-line content. I prefer a paper magazine when I'm sitting on my deck.

I'll be asking for a refund.

$badmarketing = (Paper Mag > Electronic Mag) ? yes : no;

I have no problem with a digital edition, in fact I welcome one, but you guys are really handling this in a fantastically stupid way.

First, this smacks of desperation. If you're going to have to go digital or go belly-up, why not say so. I could pity you for ganking my paper subscription if the alternative is to have none at all. more>>

Linux Journal App - for Android and iPhone?

Perhaps a good Linux Journal app for Android and iPhone would be the best way for subscribers to read on those devices. The Wall Street Journal's Android app looks pretty good on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

Current digital subscriber

I just thought I post this as an existing digital-only subscriber.

When the digital edition was first announced I snapped it up and although there were teething problems it suited my needs (as a UK reader, the print version worked out prohibitively expensive). more>>

Texterity NOT

Another (competitor) clone that fails to break the print format. If you want to be digital, format it accordingly. I use desktop/laptop only and these old eyes like a little bit of size.

Reading a print magazine format on a landscape screen is for the birds.

very disappointed and fully surprised, why does my 10-year paper-copy subscription disappear?

it's the paper format made me to subscribe. this change is worse than last time's page size change.

Kindle Platform -- UPDATE

UPDATE: We hear you loud and clear -- you want an .epub format (we do too). So we're off this very moment piecing one together. Give us a week or two, but we're on it. Check back here for updates.

Push out the content.

I do not like this decison and am not happy about it. But if you must push the content out to my device. Android phone and Laptop with openSuSE on it.

I will miss the print edition and savour many long after they are gone like my Byte which were at one time works of art.

100% disappointed with the decision to go all digital.

I don't have much to say other then I am completely disappointed with the decision to go all digital. Just because we're techheads, doesn't mean we all walk around with friggin ipads or iphones and read pdfs on the crapper.

I will not be renewing my subscription when whatever digital credits I have left with run out. more>>

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