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audio driver and I2C

Hello everybody !

I'm trying to write an audio driver for an audio chip controlled by the I2C bus... My problem is that I don't have anything related to my audio chip in the /dev/ (audio, dsp, mixer...) directory... and I need it to implement mi ioctl function. the other problem, is that I don't know how to use the i2c in kernel space... more>>

How to increase system speed....?

Hi friend's.... In my system i installed xp and fedore core.Now my system configuration is 1GB RAM with pentium-4 processor. Now if i am working in xp, the system become fast.But if i went to my linux and work means, the system become very slow.Generally i using Eclipse application in both platform....

Is there any way to speed up my system when i work in linux platform.....?

In my ATCA board, there are two NIC hardwired to switch, so I cannot check the bonding funciton by unplug the cable.

In my ATCA board, there are two NIC hardwired to switch, so I cannot check the bonding funciton by unplug the cable. I want to check the function by "ifconfig ethX down" command, So I modified the driver code.

1.In open function in my driver code, I called netif_carrier_on(dev) to enable the link status up. more>>

How to write a keyboard driver?

How to write a keyboard driver with interrupt driven? the platform is ARM and the interface is SRAMC with I/O mapped. What should my handler and read fucntions contains? and I want to know how to map the memory by using the ioremap() function? when exactly we have to use mmap()can you please help me out with some kinda psuedo code. warm regards, Ravi Kulkarni

Kernel Panic when schedule is called

When below program is executed i got kernel panic. Please anybody check and let me know my mistake

I compiled and executed in kernel

-----------------snip starts----------------

typedef struct queue_test { struct timer_list cache_timer; } q_test;

static q_test Q; static int timer_starts = 0; static int first_time =1; static int global_value = 0; more>>

cache performance

hi everybody, I like to know where can i find about cache memory information(cache hits/misses) in a ubuntu 8.10(linux kernel 2.6)..../PROC file system helps but i was not able to access the cache information.... Also i need some information on how to change the run queue ( number of tasks the kernel had to exam before scheduling on a processor)

connlimit module


I have heard about ipt_connlimit netfilter module is used to add rules to firewall based on the number of connections a client has made to server not but sure how to compile it with latest kernel version can someone please help me to do it ?

Regards Alex P

Gadget driver for 2.4.20

I am using ltib with linux ver 2.4.20 provided by freescale for i.Mx21S.

Does anyone found or have any gadget driver for this version of linux.

I want my system to be detected as a USB device on PC which can write to and recieve any data from the PC (may be having BULK IN& OUT EPs).

Ex: the printer gadget driver in 2.6.22(usblp.c) more>>

How to know the USB port number?

I am using a USB hub with 7 downstream ports. I am connecting 4 of the same devices(custom class device) on 4 ports. I have a requirement to know to which physical port is a device connected, cause I have to number them accordingly in the application GUI.

I found an ioctl USBDEVFS_HUB_PORTINFO, in "usbdevice_fs.h" which does give me this information. more>>

Linux boot problem

Hi, I have a PC which i work rarely on,i remember i had installed gentoo in it.

It has bzImage in its boot folder,so it boots but it is set to load root file system using nfs from another PC of me.

Once,i powered it off while it was running.This started all problems and now it keeps on restarting whenever i start.After loading kernel at some restarts again. more>>

Anyone who has ported linux usb stack to other platform ?

Dear all. i wanna port linux usb stack to my platform . I don't konw how to start and my aim is to clean up a usb stack which has no relationship with platform. Has anyone done this before ? Any suggestion is appreciated! Regards!

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