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Looking for Product Review

Ok, I remember reading about a really cool web-desktop API in a recent (well within the last year or so) issue of Linux Journal.

It was named "Open-*something*" and it looked very promising. It supported either flash or ajax and you could write your own web-enabled applications for it. It seemed like an online scripting language. more>>

January 2008 - Issue # 165

I noticed that /var/opinion and Petreley have been replaced by Doc Searls and EOF. Is this a permanent change?

November 2007 -- Issue #163

The November issue of Linux Journal is all about High-Performance Computing from many angles. more>>

December 2007 -- Issue #164

The December issue of Linux Journal focuses on Linux-based notebooks. If you haven't yet experienced the joy of a finely tuned, preloaded Linux laptop, crack open James Gray's notebook buying guide to find yours. Once your notebook is purring like a kitten, make it snarl with this issue's wide selection of articles on maximizing its functionality. more>>

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