I have configured Rsyslog with RELP and Log analyzer, now facing problem in eventlog feild veiw there are some fields are missing like eventlog type, event user, source event and event Id, can anyone help in this regards, here is my rsyslog.conf file,

# /etc/rsyslog.conf Configuration file for rsyslog. # # For more information see # /usr/share/doc/rsyslog-doc/html/rsyslog_conf.html # more>>

windows crash

Windows crash

Postby Finlay on Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:57 pm I all, I have a problem on my Windows Vista that began after the purchase of an external Hard Disk Freecom. A few days after the purchase I disconnected it while it was writing and, since that moment, every time I connect and disconnect it, the PC go to freeze mode for 5 minutes. more>>

Help with problem

Hi folks, I have already migrated to linux and am trying to help a friend migrate. They're facebook and yahoo accts were hacked and this was left behind on their email..I read as a alorighim but need help with the first part. Could it be a photo, is it hex or bash or hash, do I needs eggs and potatoes too? If I solve this, I may have a job...thanks a head of time.. more>>


Linux jokes! (And Micro$oft, Apple)

Linux on A Mac

I am a some what experienced Linux user. I was thinking about installing Linux on my Mac and dual boot it with Mac OS 10.6.2. I already have rEFIt. How would I safely install Linux on my Mac and keep the Mac OS X system intact? Also what might be a good distro to install? I was thinking OpenSUSE.


Linux does not mean home?

Should people who just want to use their computer at home just pay the Windows tax and go away?

Linux on small devices like samsung SGH-i200

i was surfing on google for Linux on mobile.

and may be ppc stands for pocket pc but the Samsung SGH-i200 titled Windows mobile 6.0 i had looked on that phone all of that basic Program Files,Windows directory it haves but on starting the mobile it not start as pc boot instead Samsung on screen.

Q1.is it in category of standard Pocket pc?? more>>

Choosing best XML parser library in C?

I am newbie on this website and also a newbie on linux !!!

I am planning to write an utility that needs to access a couple of configuration files written in XML. I need to read and modify these files frequently.

I am looking forward to views/suggestions on following things:-

1) I am little confused about using expat or scew library or libxml2. (I need to program the utility in C) more>>

How do I dual boot Windows XP and Fedora Care 8 with one HD

I have been trying to dual boot Windows XP pro and Fedora Core 8. I have created two partitions on ONE hard drive. I installed Windows XP Pro on one partition. When I install Fedora Care 8 on the second partition nothing happens. I installed GRUB and backed up the boot loader for my Windows XP Pro OS. I still can't get it to dual boot. more>>

GStreamer mono output

Hi Guys

How can i setup GStreamer to have mono output ?

the problem is i can only hear with one ear so stereo output is no use for me...

Thank You !

Media Center Streaming?

Hi all, first post.

Here is my situation: I have 1 PC in my bedroom with K/Ubuntu and 1 laptop with K/Ubuntu. In the PC I keep all my multimedia videos, movies, mp3s, pictures etc. How do I go about streaming it wireless or with wire to my living room tv? Or even better controlling it with a control remote from my living room? I think a Media center is the correct word? more>>

MP3 Player

Hello All,

My mp3 player just bit the dust. It was a wonderful little player that allowed me to go back and forth between Linux and Windows (Creative Labs Zen Xtra). Now I need to find a replacement. My requirements are 1) OS independent and 2) at least 30GB, but 40GB would be preferred.

Any thoughts?



How to install SKYPE on Acer Aspire One laptop with Linpus Linux Lite v1.0.3.E

I need help to install SKYPE on my wife's mini laptop. Also, my internet provider loaded Thunderbird on her linux laptop for emailing and Thunderbird is not working properly. Any advice on using an alternate email program. PS I am not very computer savy. Glastain

True Infrastructure On Demand

Article first published at:


We already have Cloud computing systems available, however when will we be able to shopping list order our computing power or infrastructure - consider two pricing models, shared and dedicated: more>>

How do you setup Remote Desktop Forwarding

At work we have a server that runs MRTG. Our Network Engineer is a windows guy and not too familiar with Linux. He comes and gets me anytime he has to do anything on this MRTG box. Unforunately he remotes into the MRTG box via putty over SSH. I haven't done it in a long time but does anyone remember how to setup Desktop forwarding over SSH? more>>

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