The Best Open Source Load Balancer Distro Zen LB

The Zen Load Balancer (ZLB) project, released since October 2010, offers an open source solution based on a Debian distribution and many specific features that has been developed for load balancing.Using load balancing techniques ensures that many hosts work together to achieve the same purpose: to offer high availability and quality service.This product out of the box includes a lot of profession more>>

Specific DHCP config

Hi all, Im using Ubuntu and due to the nature of my application, I have to configure a DHCP server that assigns addresses that end with bits '10'. The IP addresses must be of the type 10.x.y.z/22

So some examples of IP addr to be assigned: ...etc

As you see all the IP addr end with '10' binary bits. more>>

iptables, bridging and inside-/outside-issue

After reading through the article series by Mick Bauer regarding transparent firewalls I got a bit inspired to try for myself.

I've installed ubuntu onto a machine with 3 network interfaces, and bridged these three interfaces to one common bridge. more>>

ssh tunnel to http which redirects to https failure

Gidday LJ and LJ fans,

I'm a long time dabbler in the 'nix black arts but only recently got serious about it.

I run tomcat at home for, amongst other things, my wiki. I set it up with fairly serious security to require users to login, and it also forces redirection to https for all read/write.

I've just setup a ssh tunnel so I can access it (thank to Linux Journal's help). more>>

How to support 50K IPv6 addresses on a single machine?


Does anyone know if there is any way to configure 50K "virtual" IPv6 addresses on loopback device in Linux? The aim is not to add all 50K IPv6 addresses one by one on the loopback/ETH device which will probably mess up the ip table on the system. In IPv4, I am able to achieve that by specifying the IP address subnet on loopback device (e.g: "ip addr add dev lo"). more>>

DHCP client

I need to interact with the DHCP client from user space. It appears I can use dhcpctl, however the man pages say that dhcpctl is for the server deamon while the ISC documentation suggests it can control the client as well. What I need to do is get a callback when a lease has been acquired and be able to release or renew the lease from user space. more>>

How to change MAC address in Ubuntu permanantly

Hi all, i want to change my MAC address permanently in Ubuntu. Now, i can change it temporarily i.e each time i open my Ubuntu i have to change it. I change it in this way change-mac-address-in-ubuntu. But how can i change it permanently ?? plz help

Executing MSSQL-Queries on linux fedora 8.0

Hi there,

I have two machines. One running linux and another running windows. I am running my web site on linux with xampp server and i want to use the database thatis mssql-2005 installed on windows.I have no option of shifting to mysql bcz fromer company database is on mssql. So please suggest me some solution....

I hav tried connecting with FreeTDS 0.61.2. more>>

bad udp check sum on traceroute from box w/ NAT

OK, so here's a fun one.

I've been trying to troubleshoot a very odd traceroute/udp issue I'm seeing that I can't figure out.

I have two gateway/firewall boxes running NAT for internal hosts on two different networks (office1 and office2). one is running 2.6.22-gentoo-r9, lets call this one gw1 the other 2.6.20-gentoo-r8, lets call this one gw2

Theres two other systems here: more>>

High availability using heartbeat s/w across a WAN

Hey guys, im currently doing some research on implementing a high availability system across a WAN link and would like help on certain areas. This is a scaled down project so I might end up using router simulators like gns3, vyatta etc instead real hardware. more>>

tap0 received packet with same address as source address

Hi please help me I am running 4 linux 2.6 servers with openvpn in bridging mode, I get this message Tap0 received packet with same address as source address, then my entire hangs. what is causing this error and how to fix?

Configure and Manage a Network Attached Storage Server using FreeNAS

Packt is pleased to announce Learning FreeNAS, a new book that helps users to understand the concepts of Network Attached Storage (NAS). more>>

Sparc Performance Monitoring Software That Can Monitor Linux As Well?

I administer V880 and V890 Sun server running both Solaris 8 and 9. I currently use Orca and Nagios to monitor these systems. We are going to re-platform using a Dell server solution with Redhat Enterprise however there will be a long period of time where Solaris and Redhat will coexist. Does anyone know of a Sparc program that I can run to effectively monitor Linux while we transition?

a problem of netlink socket


I got a problem about netlink socket. I want to broadcast a message from kernel to user space.

Here is the kernel code:

struct sock *nl_sk = NULL; struct sk_buff *skb = NULL; struct nlmsghdr *nlh; nl_sk = netlink_kernel_create(NETLINK_UNUSED, 1, NULL, #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION(2,6,22) NULL, #endif THIS_MODULE); if(nl_sk != NULL) { more>>

two interfaces one port


I have a two network interfaces (eth0 and eth1) on a machine running Fedora 8. Each one has its own publicly visible IP address. Apache is listening on port 80 only on eth0. I have another server (not Apache) also speaking HTTP (call it server_b) which can be made to listen on any port. Obviously it cannot listen on port 80 as that is already taken by Apache. more>>

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