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linux in embedded systems

Hi everyone! Linux is being taught as a module in embedded system course,starting with shell scripting,linux system calls and linux device drivers.where do you use linux system calls written in a c program in an embedded system project?

Customise Ubuntu alternate installation


I read the excellent article about customising Ubuntu LiveCD. I was wondering if I can do something similar with the alternate ISO. I'd like to run full disk encryption with luks, dm-crypt and the how tos I've read use the alternate CD.

I'd like to customise install media so I can remove packages and add others.

thanks, visual1ce

Does Linux work with a Lexmark Printer?

Does Linux work with a Lexmark Printer?

I have a Lexmark x125 printer because originally my computer had Windows XP as an operating system. Now I am using Ubuntu.

Are there any reliable print drivers that will work with a Lexmark x125 printer or will I have to reload Windows XP back on my comuter?

fedora 13(goddard) Gnome 2.30.0

Hi I just replaced windows7 with fedora 13 (goddard) Gnome 2.30.0 and can not install openoffice file: OOO320_m12_native_packed-1_en-US.9483 please help i need to finish my finals.. thankyou .

how to manually install xfce on tty7

Hi everybody,

I'm using linux at home and I've tried the Ubuntu desktop version and it works fine but I wanted the ubuntu on my PC to contain just what i need and nothing else.

So I went about installing just a command line version from an alternate cd of ubuntu, and started installing every piece of required software manually via apt-get, including xorg and xfce of course. more>>

dual boot linux and xp? or just linux alone?

I know there are many threads about dual boot linux windows. I did a search but couldn't find for this specific question. I'm planning to use Puppy Linux as my main OS on my P4 machine. I want to know if there is an benefit to dual boot Linux and Windows on a HDD?

How can I use the output of a command while while working with sed?

Hi guys,

I was facing problems with the following scenario for the last several hours, can anyone help me out?

rm -f /www/emailout/template.html

TODAY=`date '+%d-%m-%y'`

DBRUN=`ps ax | grep dtd `

sed -e 's/ncTODAY/'"$TODAY"'/g' -e "s/ncdbrun/'"$DBRUN"'/g" /www/emailout/test1.html > /www/emailout/template.html

But, I can't get the output of $DBRUN ? more>>

Acer Aspire 110 bootup problem

Hi.. I have had my Acer for 13 months and love it.. however, the other day I was on the internet and it crashed... the only way to get things moving was to hold down the power button, thus turning it off and then on again. more>>

Embedded Linux - Programming and debugging. Where to start?

I have been scouring the net trying to find a clear definitive guide to getting started with embedded Linux. I have only found vague answers to my questions. I really am hoping that someone can give me some clear answers and advice. more>>

Adding the year to file properties in openSUSE 11.1

Is there a way to add the year a document or file was created and/or modified to the details shown under its Properties? As it stands right now in my openSUSE 11.1 I get the date (without the year) and the time of creation and last modification, that's it. I work with many older documents and I need to know the year they were created/modified. Thank you!

Mint 7

Just upgraded to Linux 7. Having a bit of trouble getting Pigin IM working. Protocall and all that. Any suggestions. Also can't seem to successfully download latest version of Adobe flash.


Thoughts on distro hopping? I'm wanting to settle down

Since 2006, I've bounced from one distro to another, never choosing a favorite. However, I'm wondering if it's not time to settle into a distro for 2-4 years and really dig in. I've used well over a dozen different distros, but keep coming back to the top 4-5 on DistroWatch. What is your recommendation for or against distro-hopping?

Linux Folders

I have a network attached external hard drive that is running Linux. While it was attached to the network all was well, however it died and I now have lost my files. I can read the drive and see what is on it but I have no idea what to look for in the files. I have excel docs that were saved in windows and put on the drive but don't know what the extension of the files would be. more>>


Can anybody help me get kernel related details on this RTOS.

we are looking for 1) foot print 2) boot up time 3) certifications 4) Support for TCP,Serial,Can,I2C, FlexBus 5) Memory management without MMU

details of µClinux.

Thanks, nkr

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