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Installing downloaded programs-PS3

I just got ydl 5.0 for the ps3. I've never used linux before. So how do I install new software I really need help!

platform_device and driver misunderstanding

Hello all!

I`m doing my embedded project with bf537 (on BF537-STAMP), with kernel Through digging over several drivers, LDD3 and other stuff, I realized that I`m totally confused. more>>

ubuntu firewall and av


i am new to ubuntu and would like to know about security programs in general. in windows, a firewall and a real-time residential antivirus is recommended. is this also the case in ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron? we already have firestarter as a firewall and clamav as an antivirus, but don't know how to verify if they are serving their function. more>>

Kernel Panic when schedule is called

When below program is executed i got kernel panic. Please anybody check and let me know my mistake

I compiled and executed in kernel

-----------------snip starts----------------

typedef struct queue_test { struct timer_list cache_timer; } q_test;

static q_test Q; static int timer_starts = 0; static int first_time =1; static int global_value = 0; more>>

Playing poker on Linux

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Linux is always gaining popularity on the desktop. Playing poker on Linux isn’t that hard and you’ve got a few options:

1. Find something web or flash based. Poker Room, Euro Poker and Hollywood Poker are a few examples of sites that offer that. more>>

How to detect USB drives that has been inserted/removed?

Hi Everybody,

I am new to Linux. I have to write a C library which has to detect USB device such as Mass Storage devices that has been inserted/removed. And it has to notify to a Java application with Mass Storage Device's Label, Device ID. And as well as once it has been identified, it has to mount to a location and it has to send the mounted location to Java App. more>>

Red Hat 8.0 Browser update

I am a new user to Linux.

I have a laptop loaded with Red Hat 8.0 and would like to install Firefox 3.0 on it. It states that I must have certain levels of various programs (Gnome 2.16) for example in order to do so. I do not know how to update these items such as Gnome. I am a former/current Windows user. more>>

Disk Space Error

Hey everyone i have linux es4 and when i get to the end were it says copying image to hard drive it says it doesnt have enough disk space!!! im using 75 GB

Antyone help me

-- ant0990

Secondary Teaching

I am degree qualified in Information Systems and have several years teaching experience at Tertiary level. Subjects - Introductory programming (, Database and also MS Office.

I complete a Secondary school teaching qualification this year. more>>

Looking for a good book./resource for integrating SUSE linux into Novell OES Environment

I have an OES 6.5 server running, and also have an SLES10 server. I'd like to integrate the SLES server into my Novell OES environment, but have few clues how to do it seamlessly, and spelled out in simple terms for this newbie. Can anyone suggest a good book or site that incorporates the procedure?

many thanks! Mike Faucher


Hey guys, i'm downloading the new version of ubuntu for x64 processors....I'm just wondering if there are any major "gotchas" for installation? I was also wondering if i can use 32 bit packages with this version of ubuntu when i get it up and working?

I've used linux a few years ago, and would like to try it out again. Hopefully this time I can get it working with all my hardware. more>>

Avast4workstation-1.0.8.tar.gz installation

hey, im new to linux. i had start using linux from a few days n had installed Helix Player and a Modem driver, but now i need help, im stucked while installing avast4workstation-1.0.8.tar.gz which i had downloaded from i had successfully extracted files when i try to install it gives me error like "no permission" so if u can give me full help regarding this i will be thank full to u?

How do I install Ubuntu on my EEE PC?

The Linux Xandros does not display Korean fonts / links in Korean fonts. So I wanted to see if the ubuntu does. I want to install Ubuntu to a 2gig EEE PC Surf model.

Hey, I'm a potential new user of Linux. Got a Question.

And as a potential new user, I've been looking around and researching Linux for quite awhile - well actually for the last 2 days or so. I've found a listing of possible "distributors" through a website called more>>

There are no dumb questions

I'm just sayin. Feel free to ask anything. I'm itching to tell someone what to do. ;o)

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