Development boards for Running embedded Linux ?

Hi all, I am a student in a college, for an experimental project we shall need an ARM9 based development kit, with the SDRAM of at least 64M, ethernet, audio and LCD connection. Better would it be if it would have enough memory for running embedded Linux OS!! more>>

How to simulate slow storage device

Hello all.

I need to be able to simulate a slow storage device. I need to be able to configure/set the throughput of the device, and thus, simulate performance issues.

Any Idea how can I do that ? Or if there is a software that provides this kind of simulation ?

Thank for all the replies.


Bordeaux 1.2 Released with Cellars support

Bordeaux 1.2 was released today and its a major upgrade over the initial 1.0 release, version 1.2 comes with Office 2007 support, better IE support and cellar support. more>>

Music composition programs

I am shortly going to purchase the new ASUS eeePC900 which comes with either Linux or XP Home. I prefer the Linux version but am using Music Time, a Windows notation program to connect my MIDI keyboard to the computer and compose music.

Does anyone know if there is a similar program under Linux? more>>

Software for USB keyboards/mice under Linux

Hi, I recently found the software named hidpoint for USB based Multimedia keyboards/mice. I got my DiNova Cordless desktop working fine. All my multimedia keys working fine. Installation of software is very simple. It has a GUI based Installer. more>>

How to Recover Deleted Files?

Have You Ever imagined the situation of deleting important documents, mp3, images from your windows recycle bin and not even able to find out a solution to recover those important documents . IF YES, then you might be aware about the Data Loss Situation. This situation used to create panic in the organization and the first question to arise was – Now what to do? more>>

Nagios Client responds with error!

Nagios client responds with an error for a particular command check.


This command is used to check the compaq hardware status of the server.

If anyone knows the server-client configuration for this command, please reply me.

Thanks in advance, Norbert

ldap management software

What software do admins use to administer ldap directories. I have found two pieces of software that I use regularly. more>>

Printer Accounting?

Anyone successfully using a print server that supports print accounting? Preferably with user authentication or support of some kind?

Basically, my network has 500 or so computers, representing Linux, OSX, OS9, and Windows. I'm tired of not knowing where print jobs are coming from, especially when someone prints 8,000 copies of Pokemon codes. more>>

Konqueror vs. Dolphin

Does anyone know if the KDE team is planning to make Dolphin the default file manager instead of Konqueror?

I do not like Dolphin _at all_. Hope they don't make this mistake. I think it would be a huge one for them.

looking for accounting package

GNUCash, MoneyDance, KMyMoney, Grisbi... these are the accounting packages I've got on my radar. Does anyone have any hands-on experience with any of these? more>>

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