fedora 13(goddard) Gnome 2.30.0

Hi, I am having trouble installing open office on my new o/s fedora 13 goddard Gnome 2.30.0 I download openoffice 3.2 please help I need to finish my finals.

How to run MS office live meetng?

I tried using wine and run IE 8 on my XP installation so that it can run live meeting. Nope ! I could not getit running.

I need to attend live webinars from Microsoft and all of them need Office live meeting.

Any help is appreciated

Regards, Ravi

Declaring LD_PRELOAD system wide for dynamic loading

Dear Fellows;

As being new to linux, i have tried to synamically load a custom library which overrides some system calls like conncet(), socket() etc.... for custom purposes.

It works well, if declaring the environment path LD_PRELOAD and execution of the application to be override are in the same script of perhaps same path as well. more>>

Bluetooth DUN on linux ruined my life

Okay lemme make it clear that I am new to linux. I have been trying to move from XP to linux since last one and a half year but have not been successful till date. Reason - Internet. more>>

Linux application crashing

Hi Friends,

We are running Autodesk Maya 8.5 (64 bit) on opensuse 10 and 10.1 (both 64 bit OS) on 400 servers. These servers comprise of HP proliant blade server and IBM x336 series 1U servers. more>>

Publishing software

Curious to know what Linux Journal uses to layout their magazine?

Zipit 2

I have the Zipit 2.How can I IM to someone elses Zipit? I don't always see my IM friends under the "MyFriendz" column. Do they have to be online in order for me to see their IM names listed or should their IM names always show on my list even though they aren't online or on their zipit? The only names I see all of the time are those who I can text to their phones. more>>

Multimedia Pack Portable for openSUSE 11.1

I have created a Multimedia Pack portable for OpenSUSE, the included programs and codecs are:

1) kchmviewer 2) mplayer, mplayer plugin 3) audacious 4) k3b, k3b-codecs 5) sox 6) devede 7) audacity 8) avidemux, gtk qt 9) ffmpeg 10) transcode 11) ntfs-config 12) vlc 13) libdvdcss 14) w32codecs 15) xine, libxine1* 16) xmms, xmms-* 17) dvdShrink 18) k9copy more>>

FFMPEG Watermarks

Hi folks.

Just wondering if anybody knows how to get ffmpeg to install a watermark. The -vhook options are currently messed up, and I desperately need to get watermarks on my videos, without implementing them into the player instead.

Love to hear your input.


CD/DVD burning "appliance"?

Has anybody heard of such a thing? I am aware of CD/DVD duplicators. I have found a Xerox one which allows burning of CD/DVDs from an ISO image. What I want is an extension of that. We have a number of reports that we produce. These reports are currently printed and send to a secure off-site location. What we also have are manually produced CDs to go off-site. more>>

Super Grub Disk

I desparately need help

I do NOT have vista and wouldn't have it if you paid me

I have windows XP (under sufference) as I have some drawing progs that only work in windows IE: Coral and Serif.

I have three hdd's in my computer as follows

Grub lists as ________________________________________ N IDE SCSI GRUB HURD TYPE ________________________________________ more>>

site log

Can anyone tell me if and where I can find an app that logs web usage? I'm not looking for web developing tools. I'm looking for more of a parental control type of thing. I'm new to linux, but I'm willing to write my own app if someone would give me some guidance.

UDF problem

Hi everyone,

I am Kyle, I just want to ask how to mount UDF DVD in Linux system (especially Fedora). Is there any software or command which can do that?

Thanks Best wishes Kyle


Ok, this is the coolest app I've seen in a while. more>>

usb camera module for ubntu7.10

hi friends

We have requirement on camera modules with USB interface for ubnthu 7.10 (Linux) version. I gone through many site, identified some of modules are available with USB interface but drivers provided for the module is in windows. We need USB camera modules with Linux drivers (ubuntu 7.10 ). more>>

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