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ClubHACK MAgazine - Issue !4, March 2011

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Topics Covered:- Remote Thread Execution in System Process JS Recon: Java Script Network Reconnaissance Tool Choosing Right Secure Mobile Law Related Unauthorized Access Backup & Bulk Copy

Create a website or blog from scratch with new WordPress book

WordPress 3 Complete is a new book from Packt that explores WordPress as a fully functional content management system. Written by April Hodge Silver, this book is an 4RyV1in-depth coverage of installation, themes, plugins, and syndication with practical explanations of all aspects of WordPress. more>>

Create Drupal 7 Modules from scratch

Drupal 7 Module Development is a new book from Packt that teaches developers to write their own Drupal modules, themes, and libraries. more>>

Build powerful, interactive plugins to implement jQuery in the best way possible using Packt’s new book

Packt is pleased to announce 'jQuery Plugin Development Beginner's Guide', a new book which helps developers use jQuery beyond basics and deliver highly interactive content to their website viewers. Written by Giulio Bai, this book focuses on the practical aspect of design and development and also covers details of some real-life plugins. more>>

Combine PHP with jQuery to create interactive web applications using Packt's new book

Packt is pleased to announce 'PHP jQuery Cookbook', a new book which will help develop applications that are compatible with all major browsers without writing codes targeted at specific browsers. Written by Vijay Joshi, this book covers a wide array of technical aspects of creating an interactive website. more>>

Enhance your in-house PHP CMS with jQuery using Packt's new book

Packt is pleased to announce CMS DEsign Using PHP and jquery, a new book that describes how to use PHP, MySQL, and jQuery to build an entire CMS from the ground up, complete with plugin architecture, user management, template-driven website design, and more>>

Discover an intranet solution for your organization using Packt’s new book on Open Atrium.

Packt is pleased to announce Drupal Intranets With Open Atrium, a new book which introduces readers the power of Open Atrium using practical examples of an Open Atrium Intranet. more>>

Atmel SAM3S4C Evaluation board

I would like to share a new embest evaluation board which provide by Embest. EB-SAM3S4C Evaluation board more>>

Please Help Us

I know begging is lame, but im willing to work for it Awesome Incentives Thanks Linux community

Linux finally gets a great audio tagger

As someone that loves music, listens constantly and is always adding to my collection by purchasing and then ripping CDs, a decent tag editor is an essential tool.  I've been using Linux for the past seven years or so and the only drawback that I was constantly faced with was the lack of a great audio tag editor - basically a Linux based equivalent to mp3tag.   After trying every Linux tagger I co more>>

How to rip, convert DVD to iTunes and sync to iPhone 4

A lot of guys are purchasing movies, TV shows, podcasts, audio books and music from iTunes online store, However, the iTunes store videos' volume is too low and they don't have subtitles, so many people have been converting DVD and video files on their Windows PC and Mac computer, then sync to their iPhone 4 so that they can enjoy the content wherever they are and whenever they like. more>>

Open Source Tools for Open Course Projects

Hello. I am one of many instructors working on a project that aims at creating Community College level digital courses that will require at most $30 in required material, including textbooks and all (there are other similar projects - mine is aimed at Washington State, and is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, but the material will be made available to the world). more>>

ZFS Port to Linux ( all versions)

As we all know, ZFS is by far the best file system.

People have workarounds and solutions which are kind of 2nd tone replacements to work on Linux, but either ways, all these solutions are not really good replacements as they either are not stable enough or lack some of the salient features of ZFS.

KQ has ported ZFS to Linux and was a much awaited release since January 2010. more>>


The people are loosing their moral while becoming modern. The society needs to be attentive that moral value. --------- o Well, it shocking and needed and immediate attention to short out at the earlier. --------- Technology Details

APODIO - Gnu/Linux OS /// Call for participation

///////////////////// APODIO OPEN SESSION ////////////////////

date : from 23rd to 27th of August @ APO33 RESEARCH LAB /// 17 rue Paul Bellamy 44000/Nantes/FR

You are warmly welcome to participate to build the new APODIO version(Gnu/Linux distribution)

This new version will be based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (a stable version we hope!!)


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