A Computer Lab with No Windows, Part II

Finishing the lab setup, the benefits of and looking to the future. more>>

A Computer Lab with No Windows, Part I

An application of Linux Terminal Server in Manitoba's largest high school. more>>

Linux in Academic Labs Revisited

Using an X-based client server model to maintain network consistency. more>>

EOF - Turning IT Certification on Its Ear

How to offer better certification, for more people, at a lower price, without vendor lock-in. more>>

Linux for Science Museums

Put your knowledge to good use by helping develop innovative, fun and educational exhibits for a whole new audience. more>>

Speeding Up the Scientific Process

Learn how to optimize your Matlab project by converting parts to C. more>>

School Laboratory Management Blues

Creating an archive of boot images can save time and effort in busy, high-turnover classroom environments. more>>

Linux from Kindergarten to High School

Moving the school computer lab to Linux was not an easy decision to make—but it was a beneficial one. more>>

Studying Wide Area Networks in the Classroom

The Sangoma WAN EduKit allows one computer to emulate both sides of a WAN network, independently of other hardware. more>>

Continuing Education

The Linux Journal web site provides many learning opportunities. more>>

Linux and Scooby-Doo

One more on the ever-growing list of animated films using Linux opened this past weekend. more>>

Thai Tales: Taking Computers to Schools

GNU/Linux is helping take the benefits of computing to schools in Thailand, as Frederick Noronha finds out. more>>

Rice University Studying the Sociology of the Linux Community

Hey, geeks: now they want to study us. Here's your chance to show just how dedicated you are. more>>

Putting Linux in Classrooms around the World

An early start with Linux will allow the next generation of students—everywhere—more and better job opportunities. more>>

Perceptions of the Linux OS Among Undergraduate System Administrators

A look at the themes, myths and clangers reported by the next crop of system administrators. more>>
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