Speeding Up the Scientific Process

Learn how to optimize your Matlab project by converting parts to C. more>>

School Laboratory Management Blues

Creating an archive of boot images can save time and effort in busy, high-turnover classroom environments. more>>

Linux from Kindergarten to High School

Moving the school computer lab to Linux was not an easy decision to make—but it was a beneficial one. more>>

Studying Wide Area Networks in the Classroom

The Sangoma WAN EduKit allows one computer to emulate both sides of a WAN network, independently of other hardware. more>>

Continuing Education

The Linux Journal web site provides many learning opportunities. more>>

Linux and Scooby-Doo

One more on the ever-growing list of animated films using Linux opened this past weekend. more>>

Thai Tales: Taking Computers to Schools

GNU/Linux is helping take the benefits of computing to schools in Thailand, as Frederick Noronha finds out. more>>

Rice University Studying the Sociology of the Linux Community

Hey, geeks: now they want to study us. Here's your chance to show just how dedicated you are. more>>

Putting Linux in Classrooms around the World

An early start with Linux will allow the next generation of students—everywhere—more and better job opportunities. more>>

Perceptions of the Linux OS Among Undergraduate System Administrators

A look at the themes, myths and clangers reported by the next crop of system administrators. more>>

Why Be Certified?

Tobin Maginnis, Sair president, provides some arguments in favor of Linux certification. more>>

Focus: Training and Certification

This month's feature articles show that even with the additions that accompany hitting the big time, the Linux community has maintained a balance between the scramble for cash and keeping the philanthropic element as far from moribundity as possible. more>>

Free Linux Boxes for US High Schools

On April 11th, SuSE Linux announced their new Free Linux Program for US High Schools. Administrators, IT specialists and teachers of computer science at secondary educational institutions are invited to participate in the program, beginning immediately. The announcement is part of an ongoing campaign to make open-source computing the IT standard for operating systems and applications worldwide. In more>>

Getting Certified with the Linux Professional Institute

With the May issue of Linux Journal focusing on education and training, it seemed appropriate to update readers on the status of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification program. For those who are not aware of LPI, we are an independent, nonprofit professional certification organization that evolved out of the Linux community and continues to move ahead with community support. more>>

Get Linux Certified & Get Ahead

Title: Get Linux Certified & Get Ahead Author: Anne Martinez Publisher: McGraw-Hill URL: Price: $24.99 US ISBN: 0-07-212333-8 more>>
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