At the Forge: Bloglines Web Services

More and more Web sites are offering machine-friendly versions of their services. Here's an example of a simple but useful service—updates on new Web site content. more>>

Geolocation by IP Address

Determining geographic locations based on Internet IP offers localization services and brings together user communities without the need for GPS receivers or complicated configuration switching. more>>

Getting On-line Anywhere with Bluetooth and GPRS

Sure, you can get on-line from a hot-spot Internet cafe or conference center. But when you're in a cold spot and want your mail anyway, try making a connection through your GSM mobile phone—no cables required. more>>

Automating Government with e-Governance

Can Linux improve the lives of millions of people too poor to own a computer? more>>

Zap Annoyances on the Web, Part II

Using AdZapper to block many ads and Web bugs. more>>

Zap Annoyances on the Web, Part I

Get rid of annoying Web marketing and protect your privacy, using both the browser and a proxy server. more>>

Compressing Web Content with mod_gzip and mod_deflate

Compressing Web content can produce a much faster site for users. Here's how to set it up and measure your success. more>>

Fast Convenient Mail for Travel: OfflineIMAP

Linux laptop users, try the mail solution that combines the advantages of fast local mail folders and a server-based IMAP repository. more>>

LAMP Development at Public Sector Web Sites

A new breed of IT firm is helping federal, state and local governments create a “public infostructure” of interoperable, effective Web-based applications. more>>

Stress Testing an Apache Application Server in a Real World Environment

Testing procedures and hints so you can find out how much traffic your Web application system can support. more>>

Linux Makes Wi-Fi Happen in New York City

Community groups, startup companies and even the phone company are using Linux to make New York City into one big happy wireless network hot spot. How is your town doing? more>>

Linux-Powered Wireless Hot Spots

If you're setting up a wireless gateway for work or a public place, configure it to authenticate users and prevent abuse. more>>

Discovering Wireless Networks

Take a walk in your neighborhood and map the available wireless network connections with a free application. more>>

Saving the Net

How to get past the intellectual and political logjams that threaten Linux and the Net. more>>
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