Linux Makes Phones Even Cheaper

Purple Labs, a company based in France with a multinational management team, is pushing Linux mobile phones outward in capabilities and downward in price. more>>

Man vs. Myth: Greg Kroah-Hartman and the Kernel Driver Project

Don't tell Greg Kroah-Hartman that Linux hurts for device drivers. He's heard too much of that rap, and he's already done plenty to stop it. We should thank him and help pick up the ball. I'm doing both here. more>>

My Move to Solid State

If you are dissatisfied with your laptop hard drive's performance, you should consider moving to a new state—solid state. Read on for head-to-head comparisons between a standard laptop hard drive and a solid state model. more>>

Port Linux onto an iPod

iPodLinux is an open source venture into porting Linux onto the iPod. more>>

Hacking the Eee PC

How to tweak your Eee PC. more>>

High-Performance Linux Clusters

The present and future of high-performance computing. more>>

/var/opinion - Is Hardware Catching Up to Java?

The demands of parallel processing may be met more easily in a language we already know. more>>

Product Review - The EmperorLinux Wasp CF-19

If you need a battle-ready rugged notebook that runs Linux, the EmperorLinux Wasp CF-19 may be for you. more>>

The Ultimate Linux Box

We packed unbelievable power in a tank case and added all the trimmings for less than $4,000. more>>

The Ultimate Linux Laptop

EmperorLinux's Raven X60, take your victory lap! Smart innovations vault a compact yet powerful machine over the bar. more>>

The Ultimate Linux Handheld

The Nokia N800 starts off the N-series of Linux handhelds with an indisputable winner. more>>

A $7,000 Server Comparison

Tired of x86? See what Linux on Itanium, Sun T1 or POWER5 can do! more>>

An Automated Reliable Backup Solution

Creating an unattended, encrypted, redundant, network backup solution using Linux, Duplicity and COTS hardware. more>>

The HAL Project

Discovering local artists through Zeroconf. more>>
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