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How do you program frequencies into your rigs?

I was asked the other day, if there was any good Open Source software for programing radios. The case in point was asking specifically about the IC-2820 with D-Star. I was pointed at a piece of software called CHIRP which runs on Windows and Linux. I have written a review of it and it should appear shortly. more>>

[New User] Using Minicom and a USB/Serial cable to talk to your KPC 3+

Over the weekend, I was showing Linux and Packet radio and for some reason I could not talk to my TNC, a KPC 3+. It was at this point that I realized I had forgotten more about Linux (and minicom) than I had about the commands needed to control the TNC. more>>

Tech Support Request - Serial baud rade changes

One of my goals for the forum was to provide a source of information sharing and tech support, so, with that, we have our first tech support style question!

From Jim, W6JVE: more>>

Rolling Your Own with Digital Amateur Radio from January 2010 issue

The article Rolling Your Own with Digital Amateur Radio from the January 2010 issue is now available. This article focuses on FLDigi.

Xastir article from the January 2010 issue is availble

The Xastir article from the January 2010 issue is now available on line. Check it out and thanks to Curt, Steve and Laura for writing it!

Software Defined Radios

In conversations with the guys at Linux in the Ham Shack, Richard commented that in conversations with Flex Radio, he was talking with Dudley and Greg and Greg indicated that a version of control software for Linux is coming.

I will see what I can do to find more information. more>>


Thanks to Gary, N7GK for the email trail on the current locations of LinFBB, the port of F6FBB packet bulletin board system. more>>

What programs are needed to attract more ham users to Linux?

Is there a lack of radio programs for Linux (or specific distributions) that makes it difficult to attract more amateur radio users to Linux?

Distribution specific Amateur Radio Lists

Here are some specific mailing lists:

Xastir (APRS) Fedora-Hams The openSUSE list is called opensuse-ham. Details to subscribe on the openSUSE mailing list page.

Welcome to the Ham Shack!

It all began with a simple blog post, trying to gage the level of interest in articles about Open Source Software supporting the Amateur Radio community. more>>

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