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Flowfinity Wireless Inc.'s Flowfinity Actions

Empowering employees to be more productive everywhere, whether in or out of network coverage, is Flowfinity Wireless Inc.'s "mission possible" with Flowfinity Actions. Flowfinity Actions 7.5 is the latest version of the firm's flexible application software that supports cross-platform enterprise app creation without programming. The premier improvement in this latest release is the ability for users to save current progress and switch between multiple Flowfinity apps with or without network connectivity. This is especially useful when performing data collection tasks, such as pipeline inspections, agricultural management and remote construction site reporting, which require diverse information to be gathered or accessed when no Internet connection is available. Another new off-line feature is parameter or filter-based search, enabling users to filter through thousands of records quickly to find the information they need at any time. Finally, lookups that allow information to be stored in one app and copied into another app also are fully supported off-line.

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