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Josh More's "Job Reconnaissance" (Syngress)

Most people's limiting factor in getting a better job, says book publisher Syngress, is not technical skills or even the soft skills necessary to do well in a new job. But rather it is that getting a job is a completely different skill set and one that most people practice only periodically. Master job-search skills and get the job you deserve with Syngress' new Josh More book Job Reconnaissance: Using Hacking Skills to Win the Job Hunt Game. As the subtitle suggests, the book seeks to inform infosec and IT job seekers about leveraging the same skills they use in penetration testing and recon toward job-hunting success. These skills include targeting, reconnaissance and profiling combined with a technical look at skills other career search books commonly miss. The book covers the entire job-hunt process from deciding when to leave your current job to the departure of your current job, suggests how to research new possible job opportunities and illustrates how to target your new boss, from controlling the job interview process to negotiating compensation.

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