New Products

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH's Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE)

Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE) is a Debian GNU/Linux-based open-source virtualization management solution for servers. Proxmox VE supports KVM-based guests, container-virtualization with OpenVZ and includes strong high-availability support based on Red Hat Cluster and Corosync. Maker Proxmox Server Solutions recently announced a security-focused version 3.3, whose key additions include an HTML5 console, Proxmox VE Firewall, two-factor authentication, a ZFS storage plugin and Proxmox VE Mobile. Proxmox is proudest of the distributed Proxmox VE Firewall, which is designed to protect the whole IT infrastructure. It allows users to set up firewall rules for all hosts, the cluster, virtual machines and containers. The company notes that Proxmox VE is used by 62,000 hosts in 140 countries, its GUI is available in 17 languages, and the active community counts more than 24,000 forum members.

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