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Red Hat Software Collections

In order to keep up with developers' needs while maintaining production stability, Red Hat keeps the Red Hat Software Collections' release schedule at a more frequent release schedule than RHEL. The Collections, recently upgraded to v1.2, is a package of essential Web development tools, dynamic languages, open-source databases, C and C++ compilers, the Eclipse IDE, and a variety of development and performance management tools. These updated components can be installed alongside versions included in base Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Highlights of the upgrade are the Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0, included in the Collections for the first time and also bringing the Eclipse IDE to RHEL 7 for the first time; DevAssistant 0.9.1, a tool for setting up development environments and publishing code; Maven 3.0, a build automation tool for Java projects; Git 1.9.4, which previously was only part of the Red Hat Developer Toolset; Nginx 1.6 Web server and Web proxy; and the latest stable versions of popular dynamic languages and open-source databases. Red Hat Software Collections 1.2 is available to eligible users of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7.

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