New Products

Hazelcast Enterprise

On the same day that Larry Ellison announced Oracle's In-Memory Computing strategy, the company Hazelcast announced Hazelcast Enterprise, the company's own commercial In-Memory Computing solution. Hazelcast provides a radically different vision of In-Memory Computing driven by open-source, commodity hardware and open standards. Hazelcast is a leading open-source In-Memory Data Grid and is available under the Apache software license. Meanwhile, Hazelcast Enterprise extends the open-source Hazelcast core with commercial features and is a commercially licensed software offering. The features in the enterprise offering that extend the Hazelcase open core include .NET and C++ clients, off-heap memory, improved Web sessions, Tomcat 6 and 7 Web sessions clustering, WAN copy, WAN replication to enterprise and improved security. Hazelcast itself also features the "Stabilizer", a sophisticated stress and load-testing system for ensuring the reliability of production-scale grid systems.
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