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CloudMask's Secure Data Masking for Governments

Governments have unique needs and security requirements, and any loss of confidentiality in government affairs can have far-reaching consequences. To meet these needs, CloudMask has unveiled a Secure Data Masking for Governments solution. The new offering brings the security, performance and scalability of the enterprise-class SaaS CloudMask solution to fulfill the requirements of governments. CloudMask elaborates that its advanced masking technology neutralizes the risks of data breaches by enabling users to apply end-to-end (E2E) encryption and tokenization to their data. This occurs at the moment of creation, and data remains protected throughout its lifecycle. This is a very different approach from existing solutions that encrypt data while it is in transit and/or at-storage, while leaving it exposed during server processing. No VPN, encryption gateway or any other hardware encryption devices are required. The CloudMask solution has been evaluated by the Canadian Federal Government for integration with its security infrastructure and currently is going through Common Criteria Certification to meet the security certification required to operate with governments in 26 countries.
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