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Philippe Capet and Thomas Delavallade's <em>Information Evaluation</em> (Wiley)

If you are browsing for a "For Dummies" book, please don't read on. On the other hand, if you are in the market for a real intellectual challenge on, say, the philosophical nature of knowledge and how humans process it, this is for you. The new book Information Evaluation edited by Philippe Capet and Thomas Delavallade explores how we humans view information and filter it based on our own personal beliefs and convictions. We bestow upon a piece of information a certain amount of confidence on its provenance and credibility. Capet and Delavallade seek to understand and explain how these judgments are conceived, in what context and to what end. Spanning the approaches offered by philosophy, military intelligence, algorithmics and information science, this book presents the concepts of information and the confidence placed in it. It further reveals ways to evaluate information for the good of the military, economic intelligence and, more globally, the informational monitoring by governments and businesses.
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