Readers' Choice Awards 2014

Best Linux-Friendly Web Hosting Company

When it comes to Web hosting, it's hard to find a company that isn't Linux-friendly these days. In fact, finding a hosting provider running Windows is more of a challenge. As is obvious by our winner ("Other"), the options are amazing. Perhaps a "Worst Web Hosting" category would be more useful!

  • Other 22.8%*

  • Amazon 22.5%

  • Rackspace 13.1%

  • Linode 10.4%

  • 6.5%

  • OVH 5.6%

  • DreamHost 5.4%

  • 1&1 4.8%

  • LAMP Host 2.9%

  • Hurricane Electric 2.6%

  • Liquid Web .6%

  • RimuHosting .6%

  • Host Media .5%

  • Savvis .5%

  • Blacknight Solutions .4%

  • Netfirms .4%

  • Prgmr .4%

*Under "Other", the most write-ins went to (in this order) Digital Ocean (by a landslide), followed by Hetzner, BlueHost and WebFaction.

It's time for another Readers' Choice issue of Linux Journal! The format last year was well received, so we've followed suit making your voices heard loud again. I couldn't help but add some commentary in a few places, but for the most part, we just reported results. Please enjoy this year's Readers' Choice Awards!

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Please see the December 2014 issue of Linux Journal for the complete list of winners.