Readers' Choice Awards 2013

Linux Product of the Year

That's it. Maybe we just need to call this "The Issue Where The Raspberry Pi Wins Everything". Still, the RPi is so awesome, we couldn't eliminate it from the running. For one thing, you'd have flogged us. For another, it's just that cool! Don't let that gold medal take your focus off the rest of the list, however, because it's chock full of awesome. It's been a great year for Linux, and it's only getting better. We can't wait to see what happens next!

  • Raspberry Pi 34.6%

  • Jolla/Sailfish 19.9%

  • FirefoxOS 11.7%

  • Ubuntu Edge 8%

  • Google Chromecast 4.8%

  • LXDE-Qt 3.7%

  • Manjaro 3.2%

  • Other 2.7%

  • OpenShift 3.2%

  • SaltStack 2.3%

  • Plex 2.1%

  • Krita Studio 2%

  • Roku 3 1.8%

This year's Reader's Choice issue was truly fun to put together. No, not just because you do all the work (voting), but because it's great to get a feel for what our community is buzzing about. Based on your feedback, we've given you all the data again this year, with percentages and rankings, plus we tried to include as many of your less-popular responses as possible. It wasn't that long ago Linux itself was less popular, so we have a soft spot for such things.

We also had an extra round of voting this year specifically for nominations. Everything you see below is reader-generated, including some new categories suggested by readers. Well, okay, my comments aren't reader-generated, but hey, I do read every issue, so that counts, right? We hope you enjoy this year's Readers' Choice Awards.


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Advocate - Rank #11 - ajaXplorer should now be Pydio!

Axel Adida's picture

Cool to see that ajaXplorer is #11 Best Cloud-Based File Storage.

Pydio - Put Your Data In Orbit is its new name since october 2013.

Reply to comment | Linux Journal

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Ubuntu? Really?

Anonymous's picture

Ubuntu is the Microsoft of the Linux world.
It's corporate stench fouls the air of FOSS.
It spies on you by collecting your data and sending it to Amazon and probably intelligence agencies as well.
Unity has created more dis-unity than anything else since the Dwebians got their panties in a bunch over the Mozilla logo.
MS=MicroSoft=Mark Shuttlecock

Everybody knwo the best linux is FreeBSD

As they look original, I am

sollen's picture

As they look original, I am going to be replacing the accessory 15W Excavator Work Light Square drive belts as well as both radiator hoses and the heater hoses. This will, of course, necessitate fresh coolant and a new radiator pressure cap.

Best desktop environment

cowlitzron's picture

When all the flavors of KDE and GNOME are added up, GNOME has more votes than KDE. If you just combine Unity, GNOME 3, and Cinnamon to include GNOME 3; GNOME 3 got 35.6% to KDE's 30.6%.

I always liked this issue with Readers' Choice Awards

Hans Rens's picture

But today, I am a little disappointed, that the online version (still?) doesn't use LINKS within the lists of items.

As for that Raspberry Pi : the header text says "Kyle and Shawn are still xriting about it", and you did in past issues ogf LJ. Why not make that name a link to the article ?
Or this hardware vendor "Eurocom" ... who is new for me. Why isn't there a link to where LJ "announced their product in the New products section", or in the "hardware review" section ?

hat kind of stuff would make the effort of reading LJ on-screen probably more worth the transition.
( Looking into backlit screens seems to create tension in my eyes, head and neck. But the "paper screen" seems to be non-standard hardware. )


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Use Amazon, increase Microsoft profits

Anonymous's picture

Amazon licensed Linux patents from Microsoft, but it's the "Best Linux-Friendly Web Hosting Company."


Evangelist/Advocate - 5th place - Dedoimedo

Anonymous's picture

Should read Dedoimedo not Dodeimedo.

Gnome 3 ?

Timo S's picture

Gnome 3 has the 2nd highest score (14.1%), but its position is 5th. How comes?

is a conspiracy!!!

Anonymous's picture

is a conspiracy!!!

"Redis RethinkDB 4.5%" on Best NoSQL Databases

Anonymous's picture

Looks like there is an error in the NoSQL chart. Unless there is actually a relationship between Redis + RethinkDB that I'm not aware of, I think these should have separate numbers.

why is GNOME 3 in the fifth position at 14.1 %?

Sriram Ramkrishna's picture

Why is GNOME 3 below XFCE when it is 14.1 %? I hope this is a mistake.

KDE is one true DE

xxplosive's picture

really glad to see KDE on top. It's not just the most advanced DE out there but also the second largest open source project in the world (after Linux kernel). So sad that most of the G idiots would never learn how to use it.

Command Line Shells (Bash, Zsh, etc.) are 2nd place

Colin Keenan's picture

Since Bash and Zsh are both Command Line shells, seems it should all be grouped together as Command Line Shells (Bash, Zsh, etc.). Then, it's second place missing first place by just a hair.

PS: this website needs to be updated to allow '+' in the Homepage field.

My Homepage:

nice to see PClinuxOS finally

Anonymous's picture

nice to see PClinuxOS finally breaking thru.

great for us newbies.

Personally, I am no longer a

Anonymous's picture

Personally, I am no longer a fan of GNOME, however according to the stats it should be ranked 2nd behind KDE and ahead of Unity and Xfce...

It's Jupiter

Anonymous's picture

It's Jupiter, not Juniper... JUPITER Broadcasting


3vi1's picture

Yeah, seems like someone had Juniper networks on the mind and misspelled Jupiter Broadcasting.

yes it's Jupiter Broadcasting

gnumber9's picture

I just want to agree with 'anonymous' that it's Jupiter Broadcasting. Oh yes, can you recommend a good Gin! I'm parched!

GIMP is certainly a graphic

Anonymous's picture

GIMP is certainly a graphic tool. And Inkscape and Blender are also graphics tools. But the remark "so if the GIMP doesn't quite do it for you, check them out [Inkscape and Blender]" is quite misleading, because they have completely different functions. You probably need to use the 3 of them, plus Scribus, without stepping into each other toes.

voting for Best Linux Distribution

lel's picture

i switch my choice form Best Linux Distribution to Ubuntu

i switch my choice from KDE

Anonymous's picture

i switch my choice from KDE to cinnamon 2


CSRedRat's picture

Ubuntu and Unity.

ubuntu & gnome get worse

Eric Wang's picture

gnome2-classic is so great! The reason that ubuntu get worse evaluation than before, I believe is very relevant to the stupid unity; gnome get worse too, I think if gnome use the same simple & convenient style as gnome2, then it woundn't have been beat down by kde;
So basicly, I think ubuntu & gnome in recent years they are trying their best to make the software become hard to use, like painting the lily.

Yeah desktop environment page

Anonymous's picture

Yeah desktop environment page is screwed

yeah, gnome2-classic is so

Eric Wang's picture

yeah, gnome2-classic is so much better than unity & gnome3,

GNOME 3 should be on the second place

Mardy's picture

How come it's on the 5th place, given it got 14.1% of preferences?

KDE is the best ever

KDE_Fan's picture

KDE is the best desktop ever. Great to see it on top here. But please LJ, combine merge KDE into KDE Plasma and into 30 %. And be fair and put KDE logo in the story.

I like it, KDE wins but you

Anonymous's picture

I like it, KDE wins but you put a GNOME log :/.


Anonymous's picture


Yeah, why is that? Every

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, why is that? Every category has the logo of the winner, except here you put a Gnome logo? Pfft..