Linux Journal Insider - December 2010

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This is our 200th issue!  We celebrated the 200th issue by sending Kyle Rankin to Spain, leaving Shawn to do the podcast alone.  OK, maybe we didn't actually send Kyle to Spain, but since he's there, Shawn gives us a solo version of Linux Journal Insider.  This month is the Reader's Choice Awards, so it's a great month to compare your preferences against fellow Linux Journalians to see how you compare.  We've also got our regular line up of tech articles, how-to articles, and geeky reviews.  Whether the 200th issue is your first exposure to Linux Journal, or this month will complete your 10x20 barn-sized mosaic tribute to the magazine; it's an issue you won't want to miss.






Anonymous's picture

Congratulations on your 200th issue. I have always enjoyed the issues and my favorite is always the "The ultimate Linux Box" issue.

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