[<Megashare>] Watch Mrs Brown's Boys Movie Online Full Movie HD 2014

[<Megashare>] Watch Mrs Brown's Boys Movie Online Full Movie HD 2014



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Genre : Comedy

Release Date : 2014-06-27

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A company tries to shut down Mrs Brown's fruit and veg stall. They can feck off.
Watch Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie Online Free [Full Movie] [HD]
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One night, one of my last out in York, I ended up waiting at a bus stop for the Clubbers’ Bus, even though I didn’t know what time it’d arrive or if it even went to that stop. I was impatiently bored, and felt I could be doing something better. And that’s my exact experience of Mrs. Brown’s Boys: D’Movie.

This film is bad. It’s not funny. The Guardian called it “anti-funny”, and they’re spot on. Take it to Monty Python Live and watch it burst into flame. Try quoting the jokes for your friends and obituaries’ll start spilling out of your mouth, followed by cancer diagnoses for beloved pets. Laughter will die in their throats, and become snakes.

I’ll admit I haven’t watched the show before, but I think I was able to follow the plot. Basically, Mrs. Brown is an Irish matriarch with six kids who, importantly, happens to be played by a man in drag. This is a running gag, then a limping gag, then a crawling-on-bloodied-knees-begging-for-death gag. She runs a fruit-and-veg stall on Moor Street Market, though judging by review scores thus far she’s awfully short of fresh tomatoes.

Unfortunately, an evil property developer and his Russian hitmen want to tear the stall down to build a shopping centre! So Mrs. Brown and her colourful cast of supporting characters, like Winnie and Buster and Thingy and What’s-Her-Name, make a stand against the cackling tycoons so they can keep living like common people, so they can do whatever common people do.

Some of the laugh-an-hour sequences after that include a whole bunch of sex jokes, and set-ups so old they were translated from the Rosetta Stone. There’s a sprinkle of racism (Indians and Jamaicans look the same, Chinese people can’t say “r” properly) and a bunch of scenes where blind ninjas accidentally hurt themselves. Incidentally, blind people know when this movie’s playing, even with the sound turned off. They look directly at it and start screaming.

Probably the nicest thing I can say about this movie is it’s not the WORST thing an Irishman’s sent to the Arndale Centre in thirty years. That, and you can double-bill it with The Fault In Our Stars – a heartwarming film about two teenagers who’ll have, once you’ve watched Brown, suffered less than you. Well, would you feckin' believe it! Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie opened at cinemas last weekend - and it took a hefty £4.3 million at the Box Office.

Those sales place it right at the top of the UK cinema chart, with the second biggest film The Fault in our Stars a whopping £2.6 million behind it. To put it in further context, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa garnered £2.2 million in its opening week last summer. However, sales of the spin-off of the 'Marmite' (you either love it or hate it...) BBC One comedy are dwarfed by the first weekend's revenue for The Inbetweeners movie. On its release in 2011, it opened with £13 million.

Still, Mammy's got to be happy with over £4 million pounds - that's worth of a drinks down at Foley's!

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