Anubis, the God of Dead Bitcoin Miners

With the recent resurgence of Bitcoin and the subsequent vitality of other cryptocurrencies (Litecoin, for instance), I've been receiving lots of e-mail messages asking how to mine. I've discussed cryptocurrencies in LJ quite a bit during the past few years. Recently, a friend introduced me to Anubis, so I want to mention it briefly here.

Whether you're mining for Bitcoins with ASIC hardware or Litecoins with high-end graphics cards, chances are you're using the cgminer program to do your mining. Although cgminer provides a nice console-based screen for monitoring your miner, there's no easy way to see how all your miners are doing at once. Enter: Anubis.

Anubis is a Web-based program that interacts over the network to all your miners. It then combines the data it collected into a simple monitoring screen so you can check temperature, errors, efficiencies and even change configurations on the fly. If you're running more than one instance of cgminer in your mining farm, you likely will benefit from Anubis. Check it out at

Figure 1. Anubis gives a nice overview of all the problems with my mining farm.


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This will be one of those topics

Twirlcan's picture

10 years in the future when someone is browing past articles that will really seem dated.

I am one of those who believe that bitcoin is a ponzi scheme but a fairly decentralised ponzi scheme, so it should go on for maybe a year or two before it collapses. (c'mon, mysterious founder is friends with Magic The Gathering Online Exchange which they then use to sell and buy the currency they made for real currency while claiming Satoshi Namkomura is real)

However I am always an optimist when it comes to technology and open source. I believe the trend to "print your own money" via sepcialized hardware will eventually lead to massive developments in cryptography.

The God of Dead Bitcoin Miners

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Over the weekend, I caught up with NoFiatCoin (XNF) founder and CEO, Robert Reyes (check out the interview here). The 33 year old speaks passionately about the future of not only his own gold-backed currency, but that of the ripple protocol as well.

“Most people that hold bitcoins hate ripple,” he says. “They don’t give it the time of day. Ripple is much more promising than the bitcoin protocol. Ripple is the future.”

Reyes’s company currently employs 14 people, all of whom he describes as hardcore ripplers. When he launched NoFiatCoin in January, he specifically set out to launch it on a ripple exchange.