Best Backup Solution

The short version of our results: I don't care which option you use, just back up! Now! Seriously though, it's interesting to see Dropbox as a backup solution. Yes, it does versioning, but I guess I've never considered it a backup. Perhaps I'm too old.

  • Clonezilla 19.6%

  • Dropbox 19.3%

  • Other 19.1%*

  • Bacula 8.8%

  • rdiff-backup 7.7%

  • CrashPlan 7.5%

  • Back In Time 5.4%

  • Amanda 4.5%

  • luckyBackup 4.1%

  • Tivoli Storage Manager 1.8%

  • Symantec Backup Exec 1.4%

  • Storix .5%

  • Areca-Backup .4%

*Popular write-ins: BackupPC, Deja Dup, SpiderOak, duplicity and rsync + tar/btrfs/ftp/cron/and so on.

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