Best Desktop Environment

Oh GNOME...the Best Desktop Environment category will never quite be the same. KDE easily takes top spot this year over Unity, and GNOME (in any of its forms) is down below. Even XFCE, one of my personal favorites, comes in ahead of GNOME. That's not to say the GNOME way of doing things is gone. Several other alternatives with some decent percentages of the votes are re-creating the old GNOME concept. If "GNOME-like" were an option, we might see closer numbers, but as it is, KDE is the king.

  • KDE 17.9%

  • Ubuntu/Unity 12.9%

  • KDE Plasma 12.7%

  • Xfce 12.1%

  • GNOME 3 14.1%

  • Cinnamon 8.6%

  • GNOME 2 4.5%

  • Other 4.5%*

  • MATE 3.6%

  • Openbox 2.6%

  • Enlightenment 1.7%

  • LXDE 1.7%

  • PCLinuxOS 1.3%

  • Fluxbox .9%

  • DWM .7%

  • KWin .1%

*Popular write-ins: awesome window manager, i3 window manager and Pantheon desktop environment.

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