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Pentaho Business Analytics

Businesses striving to increase their competitive advantage with big data analytics can do so with help from Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0, a completely redesigned data integration and analytics platform. The result of many years of intensive planning, research and conversations with customers and industry experts, Pentaho 5.0 provides a full spectrum of analytics for today's big data-driven businesses regardless of data type and volume, IT architecture or analysis required. The new, modern interface simplifies the user experience for all those working to turn data into competitive advantage. Highlights of Pentaho's 250+ new features and improvements include blended big data for more accurate insights, simplified analytics and user experience and enterprise-ready big data integration. These features are targeted at five key analytic personas in the enterprise, says Pentaho, and Pentaho 5.0 offers benefits to all these roles and includes functionality to help eliminate many of the common pain points that are holding back big data initiatives in companies of all sizes.
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