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In midst of a cloud push, Zentyal Linux Small Business Server 3.2 represents a drop-in alternative to existing SMB solutions for companies seeking a choice in how to manage their network infrastructure. The all-in-one IT backoffice, which can be set up in less than 30 minutes, is an integration of the complex Samba technologies that provides native interoperability with Microsoft Active Directory and a range of other services. The solution speaks to customers who have logistical, security and connectivity concerns about moving to the cloud. The single most important improvement that Zentyal Server 3.2 introduces, according to its developer, is greater integration of the Samba technology, meaning that it is now possible to introduce Zentyal Server transparently on a Windows environment, migrate network services and users to Zentyal and then turn off unneeded Windows servers without causing inconvenience to users. Zentyal Server 3.2 also supports Group Policy Objects and Organizational Units and secures mobile communications to the private company resources out of the box.
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