Google Drive for Linux?

For some reason, Google seems to dislike Google Drive users who prefer Linux. I find this particularly strange, since Google's Chrome OS is based on Linux. Thankfully, the folks over at Insync not only provide Linux support for Google Drive syncing, they do it with style.

Insync is a commercial, proprietary application that installs natively in Linux. It offers selective sync, integration with several file managers and a nice tray icon showing sync activity. The coolest feature, however, is the seamless conversion from Google Docs format to LibreOffice format. You can edit your Google Drive documents with the native LibreOffice application, and then it automatically will sync to the cloud in the Web-based Google Docs format! I've tried only a few documents, but in my limited testing, the conversion and sync have been perfect.

Insync has a 15-day free trial and a one-time cost of $9.99. Packages are available for Ubuntu, Fedora, MEPIS and even an unofficial build for Arch Linux. Now that version 1.0 has been released, Insync is available for anyone to download. Due to its native Linux support and super-cool conversion/sync ability, Insync earns this month's Editors' Choice award.


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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Google Drive Alternative

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Not Google Drive, but does Dropbox-like cloud storage, but with very good Linux client and way more storage than Drobox -- 15GB storage free.

Sign up using and get an extra 5GB free storage.

While is nice, it's

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While is nice, it's unusable since they don't maintain file/dir permissions across sync'ed clients.

A whole bunch of google

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A whole bunch of google people run linux. How do they access their google drives I wonder?

Help us get google drive for linux by signing this petition!

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Help us get google drive for linux by signing this petition!

i use grive, and even though

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i use grive, and even though it doesn't have a gui, it doeas the job :)

now there is a GUI for

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I think will be great service, great

Google dive for Linux?

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First, Google is NOT open source.
If it was there would be a google-drive app a long time ago.
Secondly, why not for Linux you ask?
Where have you been in the last months or so?
Have you not heard of NSA,Prism or GCHQ and that Google is a U.S based

I don't get your point.

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I don't get your point. You're assuming there are no non-open source applications that run on linux which is grossly untrue and two, I don't understand how making google drive available on *x hurts the NSA. Please clarify.

Insynchq syncs google drive

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Insynchq syncs google drive nicely, and it can convert google docs to libre office automaticly. And it's cross platform.

Google Drive

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don`t forget google is in bed with the NSA. don`t trust google for anything

Who cares? As long as you are

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Who cares? As long as you are naked, nothing matters anymore.

It doesnt matter what YOU do

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The PRoblem with NSA and CO is that it doenst really matter how good you can Protect your own Data if others you know and interact with DONT

You have to stay away from ANY cloudservice, better any internet and even then stay away from anyone who uses it.

Classic example - Burner Phones and stupid criminals - yes they used burners but they made a mistake and called someone else like pizza delivery
so the police came next time and delivered handcuffs free house instead of the pizza :))

You can try to use your own single solutions - (which i do for a living) and you will suffer - and at the end youre still not really secure

so yea its fucked, but right now we cant do much except scream everyday fpr better protection by law, scream to cloud providers to develop secure solutions, but when it comes to what we use well not really a choice

NSA... pfff...

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Seriously, what's with all you guys and the NSA? :)

Two simple rules:

- Stay away from Windows (or any M$ product, for that matter)
- Stay away from Facebook (yes, I mean it)
- Control your traffic at home
- stick with open source software
- encourage your friends and colleagues to use GPG/PGP

It's very simple to have privacy if you don't buy into the bullshit people are using.

And please: Anybody about to respond that GPG or anything has some backdoor and might be crackable by the NSA or something... PLEASE: Learn the maths behind it and realize that movies are a lot different from reality :)

I find this particularly

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I find this particularly strange, since Google's Chrome OS is based on Linux.
That is that exact reason why I don't expect them to make a version for linux. Their thinking must be "If we give them native Drive for Linux, why would they buy our chromebooks?".

Google may use Open Source and give a lot of their code away, but it is NOT an OS company.

very good

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it sounds very good! but i didn't try it yet, i hope it will be great service!

Not entirely seemless

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I tried creating a doc with some tables in LibreOffice and then syncing with GDocs using the Insync trial. It didn't handle this so well. Also, as a math professor, I do a lot with math "formulas" in libreoffice. GDocs does not do well with these.


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You could always use Dropbox which has good support for Linux...

Peeve: can you stop asking me

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Peeve: can you stop asking me to like something on facebook before I've read the @!#$! article?

Completely Free

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I thought it was totally for Linux users.

We want a FLOSS option!

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And Google must realize that the *nix universe is becoming bigger and bigger by the minute!
See all the GNU/linux, Android-Linux, ChromeOS, FirefoxOS and others devices around, and also the Unix, BSD and MacOS stuff! What the heck!

FLOSS alternative

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There is an open source alternative.
It is called google-drive-ocamlfuse and it's hosted in github

I use it and it works quite

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I use it and it works quite well. It even downloads spreadsheets etc in odf formats and keeps the folder updated automatically.

The issue with it is that isnt trivial to install - it has some dependencies that have to be installed beforehand (with THEIR dependencies), some of which require manual acreation of some config files. Then it comes the install part - being based on the ocaml language, you have to install ocaml modules with ocaml-find and whatnot.
Took me some time to dig around and solve the dependencies issues (and i comile software regularly, including the kernel and mesa, but this is isnt that simple).

if you install the version

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if you install the version from the package repo (i.e. ubuntu) it takes care of the dependencies for you and works out of the box. the only tedious stuff is making auto-start at boot