Beyond Google Reader: CommaFeed

Now that Google Reader is officially gone, most folks have settled on a replacement of some sort. In fact, a few months ago I even went through the process of installing Tiny Tiny RSS as a viable and powerful replacement. At the time, there was only one feature I sorely missed, the "next unread blog" link. Approximately three days before Google Reader shut down for good, I found the holy grail of RSS readers: CommaFeed.


CommaFeed is an open-source project written in Java. It's offered as a free Web-based solution at Although the interface is similar to Google Reader, it feels slightly stripped down. Thankfully, it provides a bookmarkable link that will take you to your next unread RSS entry. That feature is the single most important, and difficult to find, RSS reader feature I need.

CommaFeed unfortunately doesn't have a really good mobile interface, and it's lacking features in its Android app, but improvements are being made on both fronts. I must admit, however, that even more important than the "next unread blog" link feature, is the ability to download the code from GitHub and compile CommaFeed for self-hosting. I don't ever want to get "Google Reader'ed" again. Hosting is complicated, because it's a Java application, but the instructions on the GitHub site make it fairly painless. I recommend trying out before compiling and self-hosting, because CommaFeed's interface might not be for everyone.


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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The best I've used so far is InoReader, and I don't miss a thing from Google Reader. The admin team is responsive to bug/feature requests. It's a shame that it's not getting as much attention it deserves.


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Thanks so much for this - I don't know why in all the searching I did for a replacement I never came across Commafeed, but it's pretty awesome!


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I gave freedly a try but keep getting redirected to a page telling me to download an app. I can't see anywhere I can log in and use it.

I'm using digg reader.

Curious as to why you didn't

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Curious as to why you didn't go with Feedly, which is also similar to Google Reader, web based, AND offers the Move to next feed capability.

And feedly has a nice mobile

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And feedly has a nice mobile app for Android as well.

If you hit "Mark as Read" in

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If you hit "Mark as Read" in Tiny Tiny RSS, it'll automatically move you to the next category with unread items...