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Attensa StreamServer

The key selling point for the Attensa StreamServer, now in version 5.1, is to "meet the demands of people in the Digital Age", focusing on the information that matters and ignoring the rest. This enterprise application delivers personally relevant information—no matter where it is—to busy professionals instead of making them look for it. The result, says Attensa, are people who are empowered to do their jobs smarter and faster than ever before. Features added in the new v5.1 include group newsletters, improved search and filtering, the ability to subscribe to library collections (that is, topical collections that span multiple sources), improved workflow and numerous improvements and fixes.

New products for October.

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Fabric Engine / Blender Comparison

Ongytenes's picture

I been using Blender and it is what I am familiar with.

I would like to see an article sometime how this new product compares to Blender.