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DVEO's MultiStreamer DIG/IP (Micro) Encoder

Most customers will use the new MultiStreamer DIG/IP (Micro) Encoder appliance in the field to gather news video and stream it live to the TV station, says maker DVEO, the broadcast division of Computer Modules, Inc. Other applications for "the Micro" include sending video of live events and concerts, sporting events, corporate training and religious services to iPads, iPhones, OTT televisions and other portable devices via IP. This small, portable, Linux-based appliance weighs a mere five pounds (2.27kg). The Micro accepts uncompressed SDI or HD-SDI video (or optional HDMI or analog) from cameras, editing systems or video servers, and supports simultaneous IP input. It further creates multiple, simultaneous high, medium and low bitrate IP streams, which can be provided with most industry-standard protocols, including UDP, RTP or IGMP, and wrappers, such as HLS, RTMP, RTSP and so on.

New products for October.

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Fabric Engine / Blender Comparison

Ongytenes's picture

I been using Blender and it is what I am familiar with.

I would like to see an article sometime how this new product compares to Blender.