New Products - June 2012

Napatech Time Synchronization Endpoint

As the world moves to 10GbE and 40GbE, and the number of packets that need to be analyzed in data centers and telecom reach tens of millions per second, the need for time stamping with nanosecond-level precision is growing. Enter Napatech's new Time Synchronization Endpoint (NTTSE), a new time synchronization endpoint unit supporting the IEEE1588 PTP time synchronization protocol. NTTSE can be installed as an IEEE1588 PTP slave, allowing Napatech customers to synchronize all appliances in their data center using Napatech intelligent network adapters to an IEEE1588 PTP master. NTTSE is suitable for applications in which high-precision time stamping of captured packets is required, such as latency monitoring for financial networks, telecom protocol analysis or Ethernet network performance monitoring.

 New products for June.


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