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NVIDIA, a leading force in graphics processing units (GPUs), recently released a major new update to the CUDA parallel computing platform. This new version features three key enhancements that make parallel programing with GPUs easier, more accessible and faster, improving options for scientists and engineers seeking to advance their simulations and research. These enhancements include a redesigned Visual Profiler with automated performance analysis, a new and nimbler compiler based on the LLVM open-source compiler infrastructure and hundreds of new imaging and signal-processing functions, with the latter doubling the size of the NVIDIA Performance Primitives library. The latest CUDA release is available for free download for Linux, Mac OS and Windows from NVIDIA's Web site.

 New products for April.


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Nice points are presented

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Nice points are presented here regarding parallel programing with GPUs. I was not aware of it before..There are various points for which I'm just new but after visiting your blog post I can say..surely, I learned a lot through your stuff. Keep it up in future too.

I find it difficult when faced with new problems

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hi sir .. I find it difficult when faced with new problems, is there a tutorial or explanation of this product? Be successful, I want to share knowledge for the betterment of all, Please advice and guidance in accordance with what I expected. We are willing to help me via email. thanks, your help would be greatly expected.
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