OpenSSL Hacks

OpenSSL contains a command-line tool to do nearly everything possible within the OpenSSL library. Even better, it's probably already installed on your system.
Learning More

This is only a sample of what OpenSSL offers at the command line.

Some documentation is available at the OpenSSL Web site under the Documents and Related sections. There are also several mailing lists available under the Support section.

OpenSSL is written in and for C/C++, but it has been adapted to other programming languages, including Ruby. In addition, the FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validation in March 2006 makes OpenSSL a new contender in the enterprise and government cryptography markets.

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Anthony J. Stieber is an information security professional geek who obsesses over UNIX systems, cryptology, physical security and things he can't tell you. He is currently thawing out in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This is his second published article.