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The early years of the 21st century forever will be known as the age of social media. I don't know if that's something we should be proud of, but nonetheless, here we are. During the past decade, we've seen things like Friendster, Pownce, Twitter, Wave, Facebook, Tumblr, Buzz, Gowalla, Brightkite, Foursquare, Loopt, Plurk,, LinkedIn, Yammer and now Google Plus.

Google hasn't had a great track record when it comes to social networking, with both Wave and Buzz being largely unsuccessful. Google Plus, or G+, seems to be its most appealing offer so far. At the time of this writing, it's still very early in the beta stages, but it already seems to have a cleaner and simpler interface than its direct competitor: Facebook.

Google offers unique features like group video chats called "hangouts" and "circles" of friends to help organize your following/followers. G+'s integration with other Google services may be the kill shot. Gmail, Picasa, YouTube and Blogger easily can be integrated directly by Google, making it simple for those folks already using Google apps to get their Plus on. Is the third time a charm for Google, or will G+ be another unfortunate carcass in the pile of outdated social media platforms? Only time will tell.


Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.


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I come back after a month and

Tanie noclegi's picture

I come back after a month and nothing has changed :)

Makes things easier

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Big fan of Google+, although I have to admit we're still getting our head around exactly how it works! Glad to see that any business is able to make a page instead of just limiting it to profiles. Hopefully more people will join, as Facebook seems to have too much dominance.

I just want to thank you for

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Google + makes me think

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Google + makes me think "google buzz" and google Orkut. :)


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Google plus integrate services like Google Profiles and Google Buzz.


Google does a terrible job at

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Google does a terrible job at launching social products like Google+. It really puzzles me why Google again and again chose to launch in a way designated to kill the Facebook even before it takes off. But, if people can’t get into Google+ within a few weeks, nobody is going to care.
Seems to me they have not learned anything from the failures of Wave and Buzz.


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I think that google+ is alreday dead, nobody uses it.

I think g+ has a futur

JohnBarel's picture

I actually agree the fact that others services like youtube, gmail ... will be the key of its success. I think Google got good chances to make its place in this part of the social network. Facebook should have worries.

I don't think

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I don't think Facebook should worry about Google+ as they have 80 million accounts and many of them are active users. Maybe Google+ can get there success by showing Google+ (Social) signals on Google Search and they can get popularity by SEOs?

I thing G+ is good solution.

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I thing G+ is good solution.

I have the impression that

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I have the impression that the most important result of the emergence of Google + Facebook development will be faster. Sorry for my English.


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yes G+ very simple, I prefer to use the G +, rather than facebook
Andry Pramudya

The best way to find results

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The best way to find results on Google+ using the best Google Plus search engine


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it seemed to be helpful

VoIP google voice and free calls

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"But, Android holds a pretty good market share of mobile devices.
And, although facebook make work good on them, I think Google is going to intertwine Google+ with Android. Which will basically force people to use Google+ if you want some features they are offering. And this will get people using Google plus even if they only use it a little."

Right! The same is with google voice application. It's perfect!

Everything you ever need to know about Open-Source VoIP and how to start with that.

G+ an intriguing alternative to Facebook

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I've got to say, as a recent college graduate, and thus, as a person who has a lot of friends active in social media, G+ seems to be gaining some serious grass roots traction. Like Shawn points out, the integration capabilities of G+ may just put it over the edge, as users are certainly interested in easier ways to utilize literally dozens of social outlets on a single platform. The originality of the G+ "Huddle" and "Circles" is also a major draw for people who are, let's face it, getting tired of the same old thing with Facebook.

I like G+!

jackyding's picture

I like G+!

Same here

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I also like G+ and I have created my account there:


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i even don't like G+ as

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i even don't like G+ as compare to facebook as we all are use to it but because of android people will switch it .


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Come on LJ, Little late in the game to make an "announcement" post about G+. I personally have been using since it was Beta, and I will admit it is not my favorite go to network, but I do like it a lot. It has given me the opportunity to meet some very very interesting people I would have otherwise never knew existed. Not to mention the relationships have grown so well that I am now connected to those same people on other sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

My suggestion is, if you are going to do a post about G+, how about actually giving it some real content. Something like "The hangouts feature of G+ is nothing more that the integration of Google Voice. If you wish to use hangouts, you must download and install Google Voice" or How about "The web based chat functionality of google+ is gtalk. However if you use a mobile app such as an iPhone or Android the chat 'Messages' functionality of those apps is completely stand alone from the gtalk functionality of the web version."

My point is, don't cop out and write a generic post about G= that you can find anywhere on the web, including the landing page for How about get in there, get an account, use it for a week, and write an article about all the ins and outs of G+, both good and bad. Give it a fair review. This post is not of LJ quality.

Jared Bloomer
Linux Systems Engineer


tuxknowledge's picture

FYI, Shawn, I read your articles every month, and I probably read them more than anyone else who writes for LJ. I honestly do not think this post lives up to your standard of writing. I have more faith in you than this. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this in more detail.

Jared Bloomer
Linux Systems Engineer

Me dont like..

Ferry's picture

I don’t really like G+ and the way it´s integrate with Google SERP. All this log inn and log out crap.


BradSmith1990's picture

I fail to see the relevance of the articles subject, I fail even more so to see the point of the article's content.

I'm just a little confused. Did the author hit the "Post" button a third way through writing this?

Must try harder.


Anonymous's picture


re: *yawn*

jetole's picture

Agreed. G+ is mentioned on the Linux Journal blog because the people at Linux Journal feel that G+ is especially related to Linux due to the fact that it...

*cricket chirps*

Uhm... wait, why is it mentioned on Linux Journal?


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Have you tried Diaspora*

The best social media right now

I like google plus, but i havent't friends there

Anonymous's picture

I like G+, but I haven't friends there, yet. I have only 4 active friends, but G+ got unique appeal, and I offen come back there. :-)


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This is the 4th time around. You forgot Orkut.


Brian Cox's picture

This is the 4th time around. You forgot Orkut.

Android will help.

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It will be hard to get people to switch from Facebook because people are creatures of habit. It's the same reason people still use Windows. Even when something better comes a long it's hard for people to switch.

But, Android holds a pretty good market share of mobile devices.
And, although facebook make work good on them, I think Google is going to intertwine Google+ with Android. Which will basically force people to use Google+ if you want some features they are offering. And this will get people using Google plus even if they only use it a little.

This is much like a Bing search bar in IE. I know many people who normally use Google to search the web, but because they did an update of IE and it installed the Bing search bar, they use it and don't even realize that they are using something other then Google.
Everything you ever need to know about Free Software.


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For most people computers are like pumping gas, "which ever station's closest".