What is your favorite open source CMS?

19% (1538 votes)
13% (1095 votes)
39% (3212 votes)
10% (785 votes)
8% (621 votes)
4% (311 votes)
other (please tell us which one in comments)
7% (597 votes)
Total votes: 8159


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Anonymous's picture

Textpattern is rock solid. easy to use and is simple to design for.
gave up on WP years ago.


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Drupal is by far the most powerful and flexible CMS on the market. Hands down.

Drupal By far!

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I have tried several CMS's before I started using drupal.
Nowadays I do not use anything else, rather then drupal. I think it is the best CMS , hands down. It just has a small learning curve, unlike Wordpress.
I am talking not as a casual user , but a PHP developer, who had tons of assignments to be done in various systems.
P.S: and do not call WP a CMS , it is not. It is just a blog engine which fails once the traffic to the site gets up to 200k unique hits a day.

MODx = Best CMS

TC's picture

MODx is the best CMS I've used, ever. Flexible, extensible and great community support!

Wordpress is the best!

Vijay Padiyar's picture

Been using Wordpress for a year now, and no doubt it's the best! Extremely customizable in every single aspect, efficient and powerful. Not to mention, a large user community that can solve every problem you might ever face.

Wordpress Is My Best Option

Malaysia Website Designer's picture

I have been using Wordpress since 2006. I started off using it as blog platform and when Wordpress launch static front page feature, I use it as website and eventually use it as web CMS system.

I even conduct training and workshop to teach people how to use Wordpress setup their websites. I will continue to use this awesome tools and many years to come...

Thanks Matt for creating this awesome open source web CMS.

Steven Wong

Used them all and....

Robert Tobys's picture

hands down MODX is the true CMS to use. Clients that have used several other CMS's tell me that they prefer MODX. Developers need to stop pushing what's easy for them and start working for the client by providing a solution that fits the clients needs.

I chosed other

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Wodrdpress isn't really a CMS. :)

I recently migrated one of my wordpress sites to Textpattern and I really surprised. I thinks that wordpress is a good CMS and it's community is wonderful. In the Open Source the software isn't the only, you must look at the people and wordpress forums are a complete chaos. You can wait days and nobody reply you at the forums, even when you search and the forums and surf the web and nobody has tryed before with wordpress the thing that you trying to do.

Another thing, wordpress themes are a chaos, even with custom taxonomies managing a large wordpress site is a mess.

I found Textpattern more logic and solid.


Guido's picture

Who told you that wordpress was a CMS? It's not, as far as I can tell.


Enrico Schütze's picture

i love wp

easy and powerful

WordPress as a website

Daniel | WordPress Tutor's picture

I love WordPress as a website and as a blog. It's come a long way since it's humble beginnings and I can see our company using it for many years to come!

ModX by far.

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I've been using Joomla for years until I really needed to build a much more flexible template with creative freedom. ModX is the most flexible system for PHP-based sites today. I do like Refinery CMS (ROR powered), but I hate how ROR services force you to use specific hosting providers. Only Pyrocms (Codeigniter-driven) comes close to the power of ModX. For some reason, I never got into Drupal.


Sabriye Dubrie's picture

FMK Project is a Dutch based full service internet bureau and we love Wordpress. All our website projects are in WordPress including our own site which hosts an online radio and television show for entrepreneurs.

Wordpress gives us the possibilities we need to build marketing optimized websites that support viral, mobile and social media marketing. Last but not least the SEO possibilities with WordPress are also really great.

Most of my Websites are powered by WordPress!

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The best and the most user friendly CMS... WORDPRESS!

WordPress is..

WordPress Søgemaskineoptimering's picture

Easy to setup within minutes!
Search engine friendley!
Loads of free open source plugins!

We <3 WordPress

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We love WordPress :-)

Wordpress is

moch84bdg's picture

Still the best :) lot of themes, plugins and many more

Hippo CMS

Alex B.'s picture

Another holly war :) I vote for Hippo CMS - Java and Java Content Repository based, very strong design, and well extendable,.. Also like Magnolia, Drupal, Typo3

And XOOPS ???

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I prefer Xoops for its stability and group management and user rights.

Another CMS of curse

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I'm using SPIP CMS.

Spip too

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we're using spip since 2001 (and Drupal and wordpress too)... and that's a great CMS.. however it's french.. as I am :)


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I know no CMS is perfect and I've used several -- none easier to manage/design for, and better yet, none easier to teach to clients. Never had a Textpattern site hacked, either.

Textpattern - rock solid,

Anonymous's picture

Textpattern - rock solid, writer centric UI, easy to style, xml like tags


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Joomla is one of my favourites for developing large scale websites as the CMS makes it so much easier to manage everything all in one place.


Christian Mercat's picture

Hi there, SPIP is a great opensource CMS, widely used in France, by administrations, newspapers, universities, schools, associations, or e-business firms. It makes a point on being thoroughly multilingual (think Arabic, Chinese, Russian...). Out of the box it boasts very nice features (comparable to all others) and many plugins allow to tweak things to your taste and purpose.


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We use Tikiwiki in our office.

CMS Ametys is great

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I'am using CMS Ametys, it contains a lot of advanced features and very simple to use.


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I like Zotonic, but then I am biased as I work with it a lot, and I am very involved on the mailing list, and I managed to get my name into the contributors file :-).

It is a great framework as well as a CMS, and I create large scale web-sites that often need backend work. It is also much faster than PHP based solutions.

It has a bit of a learning curve for the backend stuff, but one one the reasons I stuck with it is because of the great community. It is very friendly, there is no arrogance and everyone is treated with respect regardless of their current level of expertise.


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If you haven't tried Textpattern, then you should!


wasicu's picture

I use WordPress and have to vote for but I use Contao to, because WP weakness for languages and members (WP must have a lot of plugins to work as a CMS)

At this time, I'm testing some XML CMS like Getsimple (Really good simple CMS without mysql for small site) or Plumxml.


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Discovered it recently but wish I had discovered it long time ago! I have tried literally dozens of cms and I find ocPortal to be packed with the best set of features backed by awesome security. Maybe more under the hood than some can handle but for those needing a lot of features in a community site it is the best I have seen.


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What is a CMS?

Concrete 5

Chris Edwards's picture

Tried both joomla and wordpress. Wordpress is good for what it was designed for.. Blog sites. Joomla plain stinks in my opinion. Concrete 5 is great for making websites and also has blogging capabilities in it.
C 5 is also very easy to use and to learn.

WP Rocks !!

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WordPress whoo!


Pascal's picture

Textpattern is by far my favorite. Too bad the choices in the poll are so limited.

Is that the "real" question ?

typo3's picture

Hi all,
Whereas TYPO3 is my "favorite" CMS or not, might not be the real (means the more effective) question.

In fact the "real" question might be :
- what is the CMS you would use for :
--> workspacing
--> live publishing
--> user management ...
--> etc

We've all read lots of "comparative" survey abouts CMS but none gets to the point, which is what use for which CMS.

WOuld you be interested by this kind of survey ?


Wordpress is best for blogging and not for CMS website...

Sunil Thakare's picture

Wordpress is a nice blogging tool but can't be comparable with other CMS like Joomla / Drupal / etc. Joomla and Drupal also not comparable with each other. Both have its own strengths and weaknesses e.g. Joomla uses Mootools on the other hand Drupal uses jQuery as a JavaScript framework. Mootools is object oriented JavaScript framework on the other hand jQuery is very simplified. Most hardcore programmers like Mootools on the other hand newbies use jQuery. But CMS comes, most of the hardcore web developer use Drupal on the other hand newbies of CMS use Joomla. My vote for Joomla and Mootools!

Jahia 6.5 rocks!

rvt's picture

If you like (like me) Java,
then it's very worth to checkout Jahia 6.5.
For easy to use and easy to develop modules for. based on a content repository and a very nice 'backend'.
it's a true CMS with 2 step workflows, permissions at all levels and document management.


btw: Wordpress is a nice blogging tool (I use it myself) but it's NOT a CMS.

> btw: Wordpress is a nice

Siôn's picture

> btw: Wordpress is a nice blogging tool (I use it myself) but it's NOT a CMS.

I beg to differ

WebGUI is a nice one.

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WebGUI is a nice one.

I'd vote for

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I'd vote for Silverstripe.

The panel for editing content is uncluttered and user friendly.


Jane's picture

I love Drupal for it's flexibility and support from the community.

Textpattern is great for designers

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The thing I like about Textpattern is that it doesn't require you to know any programming. The code is taken care of by proprietary tags — although you have the option of looking under the hood and tweaking it. Typically, I design a site from scratch in a text editor with HTML and CSS, limited only by my imagination. Then I insert Textpattern tags where necessary. I have yet to run into any limitations.


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Radiant CMS - While PHP is nice, I prefer Ruby on Rails and a good project that is moving forward (actively being developed) is Radiant. Easy to use and also has the flexibility that is needed.

3.75 mio votes says that

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The 3 most popular cms'es are:


in that order. See http://cmsworldmap.com/ (Crawling the website for cms'es)

Yeah, but...

Mark Hamstra's picture

The problem with that data is that not all content management systems can be recognized easily.

Take MODX (Evolution and Revolution).

There is no markup added to indicate a website was created with them. No specific headers. No specific structure of the page.

While in Evo you could with some certainty check for site.com/manager/ and that would display the login screen that's not 100% sure. With Revolution the functionality has been introduced to move or rename the various folders that come with it, rendering that method ineffective as well. You could check for files in the root like config.core.php (which would give an empty 200 response), but that filename is not unique to MODX.

It would be very interesting to see where MODX would line up in the top 10 (I'd guess definitely in the top 3) but there's just no way to programmatically recognize it when folders have been renamed (something that is definitely done on sites that matter).

Textpattern rocks

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If you are serious about web design, textpattern is your canvas. Creating a web site is achieved with a very logical infrastructure that has walls (sections), building blocks (forms), interiors (categories), tools (tags), and nicely ordered content. If only all my other web applications were so powerful!


Textpattern's picture

I love Textpattern, and so do many others. TxP rocks!

WebGUI Content Engine

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My favorite CMS is WebGUI: http://www.webgui.org/.