2010 Readers' Choice Awards Survey

Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Awards offer the opportunity for readers to vote for their Linux and Open Source favorites. We compiled nominations and came up with the following list. If your favorite is not listed in any category, we encourage you to write in your vote (it's also okay to skip voting in categories not applicable to you).

This survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Winners will be prominently featured in the December issue of Linux Journal, on newsstands in early November 2010.



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A matter of advice

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I am a beginner in linux and started using mandriva 2010 linux and want to know if you can suggest a book or blog where i can start learning as my process is slow and i don know how to manage the same .So plz help me out of it ...
My some of the initial Question are :
1.What are 5 stages in booting of the system i mean after the kernel loads in the linux and what are the files it loads and how it is required .
2.How can i know the startup process and configure it .what are the process definately required for the working .
3.how to enhance the computer speed in linux i mean there is any utility software unlike windows ....

Where's the Chromium love?

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Where's the Chromium love?

bookmark sync

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rather amazed chrome's built in sync function was left out of the bookmark syncing options...


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Pardus enthusiasts should check out our Distro Spotlight post on Pardus Linux here: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/spotlight-linux-pardus-linux-20092

Katherine Druckman is webmistress at LinuxJournal.com. You might find her on Twitter or at the Southwest Drupal Summit

forever pardus

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Pardus, which continued and stable development of the real steps forward with a Linux system. try now and Do not be afraid, because certainly many professional team members are on your side.

Best Linux Distribution

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Best Linux Distribution (Pardus) Best Package Management Application (Pisi)

Content Mgmt. Systems

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I am a little disappointed that the choices for best CMS did not include Bricolage, which is far and away the most powerful of the OSS CMS's. It's complex, but powerful and rich in features.


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the best of linüx (pardus)


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I know that a lot of these are sections are based on past popular games but I think there should also have some allowance for new games such as Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds Survivor (2009) from Linux Game Publishing to be listed. Has LGP ever been mentioned by Linux Journal by the way? Not to mention I am a little sick of Frozen Bubble winning, I know it is democratic but it gets old.

I remember when Quake, then Quake II, then Quake III always won. There have been so many great GNU/Linux games since 2003 that never stand a chance, Frozen Bubble is great and all but what is wrong with Doom 3, Prey, Penumbra, Lugaru, or even Battle for Wesnoth?!

Voting for the same game every year is like trying to prove that there are no games for GNU/Linux, which is just a myth; there may not be as much as on Windows or arguably Mac but there are a decent amount. It is not like voting GIMP or Firefox every year, every game is intrinsically different. Just noting to any voters out there.

Also, wrote Gambas in for the programming language. There are us BASIC coders on GNU/Linux too!

Pardus, "for freedom..."

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Pardus, "for freedom..."


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I am a relatively new subscriber to Linux Journal, and this is the first time I have ever taken part in the Reader's Choice Awards.

About the categories:

Best Graphics/Design Tool
These should really be split into their own categories.

Best Audio Tool
Like the graphics category, these should really be split into their own categories.

Best Game
I was glad to see Supertux in there.

Anyways, this is a great tool to see what everyone likes. Thanks for doing this.

Really sorry but Pardus does not deserve unequal treatment

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I know ubuntu is the most famous linuxOs and the best. I also love it. But how cant you see pardus's development? It is the one of the most innovative distro in linux world. For example Pisi:
I think today only Pisi can compete against synaptic. Pisi has permanently development. And Pisi programmers has very innovative vision.

Another example:
Pardus is the best kde distro. Pardus programmers gives nearly the biggest support to the kde to try to makes kde the most useable user interface

I am terribly sorry about that. But You are discouraging them

Actually I know pardus is not the best distro however I gave my vote for pardus and pisi to protest this discouraging behavior.

Lastly I must ask this. İf hp,google,asus or other cartels supports pardus effectively even though pardus were new distro. would you discourage pardus again?

Pardus GNU/Linux

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"Pardus - Freedom and quality, not quantity ! :-)

I'm wondering why Pardus was not in the selection. I read (above) that there are only distribution which where in top 15 of favorite ... Where do you get this "top 15" info please? May from Distrowatch.com? For me Distrowatch.com says nothing for me - that's just a "pool" where you can find all Linux distros. But not realistic statics ....

Pardus GNU/Linux is the most modern Linux Distribution ever with inovative Open-Source technology. It is from scratch, a new kind of Linux operating System and it has also the best KDE desktop ever. If you also looking for a good KDE-Distro, so don't hesitate to try Pardus. Test it yourself, if you don't believe it:

- About Pardus

- Pardus based technologies

- Pardus Download Center

Did you hear anything about the powerful package-management named "PiSi" from Pardus GNU/Linux ? ? ?
--> http://www.pardus.org.tr/eng/projects/pisi/PiSi.html

- founder and manager of German Pardus users community www.PardusUser.de


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The One and Only for me! PCLinuxOS

OCLinuxOS, yes my to, i find

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OCLinuxOS, yes my to, i find if is a verry good distri


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my farvorite DE is PCLinuxOS-LXDE. Simple, fast and a good feeling.
Good applications, and programs make it to a perfectly desktop environment.

Distro and Package

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Distro: Pardus (Not the best maybe but they had good effort on Linux and KDE)
Package: Pisi (One of the best thing they made)


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I'm sort of surprised that Pardus couldn't make it into the distros list (I see a couple of fan messages above, though).

It's either Linux Journal missed it or my community is particularly crazy about Pardus :-)


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The best package managment system is Pisi..

Look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PISI

Don't leave your vote in the comments section

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There is an "other" selection in each category. Choose it and then fill in your nomination. If you post your votes here in the comments, it doesn't count.

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

Pardus deserves to be listed

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Why all selections are always US or Europe centered? There are good distros like Pardus, that deserves to be listed.

There's only room to list so many...

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There are hundreds of distros and because this is a "favorites" poll, nominations tend to be for the top 10 or 15 most downloaded distros. I encourage you to check "Other" in the Best Distribution category and then write in Pardus.

Any comments listed here will not be counted as votes.

Today is clearly Pardus day. Where are you folks all coming from? :-) Curious where the link to this was posted that brought you here -- I wouldn't mind chatting it up with you all there some more.


Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.


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Excuse me, but the world is not consisted only from Europe & US!

Pardus is Middleast's biggest distro and I'm not accepting to be listed as "other".

your bad attitude not helping your cause

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Linux journal asks for best distribution and clearly theyre taking some of their queues from distrowatch when it comes to the nominees. I don't see any hint they were trying to be US or Europe centric, though. Write your nomination in other as I did for some of my favorites not listed in other categories and stop trying to make this some middle east vs the western world debate!

In addition

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In addition, Pardus Linux first created by a government. This is very important for point of view of Gnu/Linux .

Promotional banners?

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I was wondering if there is a place that we can get banners to put on websites/in newsletters?

Readers' Choice banner, here's a link

Carlie Fairchild's picture

You can grab a Readers' Choice banner to use however you'd like here,
http://www.linuxjournal.com/aboutus/logos (scroll down to bottom of page to find it).

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

Missed the boat..

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How could you have ignored the best Linux product of all time, the TiVo? They were really the first consumer product to include Linux and are STILL the best DVR around.

Laptop vendors?!?

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ZaReason and System 76 both sell laptops. Everex is out of business. WHAT?!?

You're right.

Carlie Fairchild's picture

Our editors should have caught Everex -- updating now. Ouch. Thank you.

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

ZaReason and system76?

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What about the fact that ZaReason and system76 both sell laptops, and aren't on the laptop vendor question?

We accept nominations

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We accept nominations for each category, so in this case no one, including themselves nominated them for that category. It's not a perfect system for sure, but after years of doing this we've found it most effective. Sounds like we need you to help us with nominations next year. :-D

Carlie Fairchild is the publisher of Linux Journal.

Also, Asus has stopped

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Also, Asus has stopped supporting linux, i think sometime around a year ago, but i forget exactly when.


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new voting

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Id like to have a new section where we could vote for the choices offered before actually voting.

Qt Creator isnt there but MonoDevelop is?

Write it in

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That's why "Other" appears as a choice.

Qt Creator

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What about Qt Creator? Does not appear in the IDE poll.
Do you think it's not an IDE?

Best Package Management App

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Why are "apt" and "synaptic" in the options but not aptitude and Software Center? It doesn't make any difference to me because I use apt-get for almost everything. I'm just curious why those two were selected.

Really, we're entering

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Really, we're entering Songbird for best music player after they dropped Linux support?! Really?!


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Maybe if it gets enough votes, they'll change their mind. :D

Shawn is Associate Editor here at Linux Journal, and has been around Linux since the beginning. He has a passion for open source, and he loves to teach. He also drinks too much coffee, which often shows in his writing.

Change their mind?

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God, I hope not!


I was just going to suggest

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I was just going to suggest that.