RF Technician

I have worked in radio and networking for over 11 years as a military member. This experience includes working as a Tech Controller and Manager of a Network Operations Center (conducting end to end Quality Control testing of Analog and Digital circuits, trunks, and links), Radio repair technician, and SATCOM/Wide-band operator/maintainer.

My civilian background includes working as a bench testing RF Technician working with RF power supplies for lasers, Quality Engineering Aide (conducting forensic investigation of control electronic systems, testing & troubleshooting electronics systems, computer support, and technical writing) for Aircraft Control Systems, and Environmental Systems Technician (conducting preventative and corrective maintenance of visual landing systems, Power Conditioning Systems, Engine Generators, HVAC, Security Systems, and Fire Systems) in support of Air Traffic.

I first heard about Linux in 2002 from a friend whose father suggested that he learn it. He, of course, suggested that I learn it too. Unfortunately, it took me until I was laid off in 2007 and was forced to change majors from Electrical Engineering to Information Technology that I found myself in Mr. Schoemaker's UNIX/Linux class. I fell in love with Linux IMMEDIATELY!! Sadly, life isn't as easy as 1, 2, 3, and so I have been absent from the Linux world since 2009 and have not been able to hone my skills.

I now have an AAS in IT Networking Infrastructure and Security and am working on my BS in Information Security.