Linux Journal Live - SuperComputing


The November 20, 2008 Linux Journal Live!. After returning from SuperComputing in Austin, Shawn talks about some things he saw, and what's on the horizon in the world of powerful Linux clusters.

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I have no problem to pay money for good products. But i have problems with ads advertising crap. And most ads want you to buy crap (things you don't need, that aren't usefull or even worse, cause you harm). So here is the deal: Get rid of all kind of annoying ads (the popups, the video clip breaking or on the site blinking ones) and give some samples for free to people like austin powers and let them make a review! If the customer thinks the product is good enough and the price is fair, it will be bought! And listen to your customers! If they want to see this or that feature or have this or that suggestion, go ahead and improve your product! Use your money to improve your product! Don't waste your money for advertisements!