Wii Homebrew

I ran across a group of seemingly enthusiastic developers working on a Nintento Wii homebrew. This group's special mission? Linux for the Wii. They're not quite there yet but do seem to be actively working on WiiLi Link, a Live CD that turns standard PC's into a media and gaming center designed around the Wii Remote. They're developing on PCs right now, with hopes of porting WiiLi to the Nintendo Wii later on. Learn more by visiting WiiLi's site.

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While the price is frustrating, the Wiimotes truly are amazing little devices. I'd love to see some homebrew WiiStuff make it big. Honestly, the only thing I ever use my XBOX for is XboxMediaCenter, which is just a homebrew program for the XBOX.

Right along with, "Will it blend", the web mantra seems to be, "Will it run Linux" -- and I'm VERY OK with that. :)

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