looking for accounting package

GNUCash, MoneyDance, KMyMoney, Grisbi... these are the accounting packages I've got on my radar. Does anyone have any hands-on experience with any of these? I'm using Quickbooks now (thanks VMWare) and it suits my needs o.k. feature-wise but I'd like to move to a Linux app for my long-term accounting needs.


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Thanks You admin.
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Amberdms Billing System

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My company recently released the open source Amberdms Billing System which provides open source accounting, invoicing, service billing and time keeping features.

Take a look at www.amberdms.com/billing for more details, screenshots, source code and free online demo.

Appgen's MyBooks for Linux

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Sid, if you like Quickbooks you might want to check out Appgen's MyBooks for Linux. Great program. Easy to use. Free trial download.

Cost of the program is $59 USD (Linux); $79 USD (Windows).

My brother and I use it exclusively for our Sign Business. Give it a try!


Jay Kruizenga

PS: As a QuickBooks user, you can import your data using the MyBooks Professional Windows trial version and then transfer the data to your Linux system!

"MyBooks Professional is designed for serious users within small to mid-size businesses that want a serious and buzzword free accounting system that will grow with their business, enhance productivity and save money."

- CEO Mark Andre, Jr.

I have been using GNUCash

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I have been using GNUCash for about 5 years now and find it fairly good. I am using it to track income/assets/expenses for 4 bank accounts and it certainly does the job. I have never used any of the business tools though.

I did give Grisbi a go a year or so ago but couldn't get my head around the way it works.

I have been using MoneyDance

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I have been using MoneyDance for the last year or so and like it enough not to change but the interface can be a little cumbersome. It doesn't flow as easily as a lot of other programs but I can work with it. It just isn't as intuitive as one might hope. It usually just takes me a minute to remember how to achieve what I want it to do. As far as features it does the job for me, which is basic personal accounting and budgeting, with no online paying features. I am not in love with the budgeting features but I couldn't give you exact reasons as to why. It just seems lacking a little. As far as a comparison I can't say for sure since I haven't used a lot of them. Last one I used before MoneyDance was the QuickBooks Mac version and I didn't find anything special with it either.