A Little Ruby (the Book)

A long time ago, Brian Marick started working on a book called A Little, A Lot of Objects. It’s modeled after the excellent Little Lisper. Sadly, Brian never got past a third chapter, still a lot of people have enjoyed (and learned from) this book over the years.

Now, there’s some good news sitting at the end of the tunnel. Brian is considering picking up the pen and finishing the book up. So, go take a look at the book as it stands today, and if you think it would be a good addition to the Ruby canon, and I sure do, let Brian know.


-- -pate http://on-ruby.blogspot.com


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araba oyunları

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very nice topic, thanks for subject admin.

Definitely going to buy it!

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Definitely going to buy it! Thank for the post.

little ruby book

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I think he has put in a great effort. The book would be a helpful addition to the Ruby canon and he should work on completing it.
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Little Ruby Book

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I went sent him an Email with some words of encouragement, we need more paper based Ruby content. I have written quite a few Articles on the subject but i'd really love to start compiling them in to a book.

I think the biggest issue for a first time writers is "Will it be worth it and will people want my book". Which leads people to do primarily web based content because it's free and easier.

However nothing beats a good book... Hope my Email spurs him on a little.


ruby book

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It looks good. I've been experimenting with Ruby and would buy it.